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Selling Features That Buyers Seek Out

By April 4, 2016September 21st, 2018No Comments

Features that sell a house are important to consider. These are the characteristics that buyers look for when they are hunting and choosing one property over another. pooled information from across the country to see what buyers are currently investing their hard-earned dollars on when it comes to purchasing a home.  I will recap a few of the highlights from the article here.



First and foremost

The first and foremost feature as always is location, location, location. As we always hear it is one of the biggest selling features when people purchase a property. That being said the most important feature happens to be good schools. The homes located in good school districts sold on average in 76 days, with a median price on the house being $330,000. That tells me that communities should make sure their school boards are making sure the students graduating better be a top product if you want to increase or maintain the equity in your property. While the location is popular so are views. If you are in an urban area and have a place with a view of the city you will do well when selling. Other desirable views are golf courses, lake views, mountain views and the ocean views.


Other desirable features

Other desirable features are price, of course, is always a factor when investing in property. The strongest price range was $200 to$250K with an average of 83 days. Not too surprising the trend I keep reading about are buyers downsizing, and small starter homes are being snatched up quickly. The $150 to $200K range was close behind at 86 days.

Size matters, but this time it’s about the square footage of the home. A 1500-2000 sq. ft home has been selling over the 3000-3500 sqft home by two weeks, the bigger you go the longer the house is on the market. Tiny houses are all the rage, along with energy efficiency too. Those trying to get into the housing market because rentals are actually not the best deal on the block anymore are jumping on these smaller homes.

Hottest Amenity

The study did numerous other areas too, but one interesting study was their ‘hottest amenity’ category. Here they found having stainless steel appliances are most desired. I am just wondering if it is that stainless is desirable or is it that most homes have stainless appliances that sell today so that is the reason why it ranked so high. Many trend predictors are saying for kitchens, the stainless trend is waning, but nothing is coming out on top as a new trend so the kitchen trend category, I believe is still up in the air. Black appliances are being seen, and integrated appliances are being shown more and more, but there is not a surge in any one particular area.

I would be interested to hear what is trending in your particular market versus the findings from Let me know

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