Planting Annuals for Lots of Color and Curb Appeal

Planting Annuals for Lots of Color and Curb Appeal

Planting annuals in clusters through your beds can produce an explosive statement of color that can improve your curb appeal. The advantage of annuals is that their life cycle is a single season so they work hard for you in your landscape throughout the growing season.annuals - Copy

Annuals are great for filling in bare spots throughout beds giving continuous color. They are also fantastic to use in pots for a pop of color next to a door, or hanging from a porch.  Some annuals re-seed themselves so you can see them pop up again the following year, which is always a present surprise.

When choosing annuals, select colors that complement your house color, and work with existing plantings. There are many varieties within each species from a single large flower to small clusters, multiple colors and sometime leaf colors. By mixing or combining different annuals you can achieve a variety within your landscape.

How do you have success with annuals? They are fairly easy to grow if you make sure you soil is in good condition, drains well and you give them some good compost. Cornell University or any cooperative gardening extension are a wealth of information to help a gardener either beginner or expert with growing advice.

So what are some annuals to consider for easy growing? These are some annual plant suggestions that produce color from the last chance of frost in the spring thru the summer season into a hard frost in fall.


They come in many verities and colors. They prefer sun and well drained soil. Planting in masses can make a fantastic impact in the landscape. Petunias come in upright varieties and cascading, so they can be used in many applications.petunia


Every year when visiting garden centers I am amazed at the varieties of seeds, they have single flowers, clusters, tall and compact, the colors range from yellow, oranges, reds and greens.   Marigolds are hardy and easy to grow, great for cutting and last a long time in a vase. Great to bring indoors when a house is on the market!marigold


Easy to grow like marigolds and petunias, they come in a kaleidoscope of colors, and can be grown as short or taller to augment your existing gardensnapdragons


These are easy to grow in any soil and varying light, they are also self seeding from year to year so you are never without flowers.columbine

Some other easy annuals that you might want to consider are pansies, hardy geraniums, and sweet pea. When shopping your local garden centers many of these are easy to start from seed, but if you need “quick” color small plants might be the way to go. Share with me your favorite annuals.


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