Sterile or Styled | Makes a Difference When Selling

Sterile or Styled | Makes a Difference When Selling

Many people think they understand the purpose from reading blogs, and their listing Agents, that they need to declutter and remove their “stuff” in order to sell and make their property appealing. They need to clean and eliminate, style the rooms but not make them sterile. The crucial factor to making it all work comes down to what you eliminate, and how you edit the “stuff.”

Statistics have proven that a clean decluttered house presents better than one where nothing has been done to it. The “this is how I live” look does not necessarily convey well to buyers looking for a property. But if the house is decluttered and no style exists, then the property will still fall flat in reaching its target market. Part of the styling comes from the existing features in a house. If the “bones” of the property are good then it is a little easier for a non-professional to prepare the house to look great. If the house is a little dated, has too many “personal touches” then it is essential to bring in a professional home stager to assist the seller, giving them direction as to how to bring out the best in the property.

kitchen before and after

Before Staging | After Staging

I have heard it repeatedly; why do I need a Professional Stager if my Agent told me what to do? Your Agent is a professional responsible for fiduciary and marketing duties, but that does not necessarily fall into styling knowledge. They may be aware of styles that will sell better in certain markets, similar to them understanding what is important in an inspection. Although neither are they professionals or responsible for; therefore it is wise to have the knowledge of a professional in the field. Would you ask your lawyer to perform a heart transplant on you?

family before after

Before Staging | After Staging

Back to sterile versus styled, this is the balance a Professional Stager can crate though a property, making the house stand out above the competition in the area. If you watch HGTV you see it with the Property Brothers, Love It or List It and other similar shows, the Agent sells the property and negotiates the best price for the client, the Designer/Decorator creates the beauty and style throughout the house that buyers fall in love with.

So when listing your property honestly ask yourself; “am I able to style and update this house without investing a ton of money or losing a ton of money so buyers to fall in love with it the very first time they see it?” If not, ask to have your property professionally staged.

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