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Updating Ceiling Lighting

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Lighting is one of those items that people seem not to think about. When it looks great you notice the lighting, when it does not, it kind of goes away. Lighting can create a totally different feeling in a home from new and trendy versus “when was the last time anything was updated here!”

There are different types of lighting and ceiling lighting other than recess. Being able to see how lighting has changed it might make you decide to update a few of your older fixtures.

So scroll along!

Bright Ideas

A few years ago drum shades were starting to show up as a strong trend and have continued to stay strong. They can be used in different rooms as seen here. They are simple and almost classic in design today.

This is a pretty application of a drum light in a kitchen

drum lights in a kitchen

If you have a tight budget look to resources you know have lesser price lighting.  Ikea has great inexpensive drum style lights. They are attractive and in the right setting will update the feeling in a room.

ikea lighting

The industrial trend is big now. Wire, thick glass, black metal but also warm-toned metals are popular too.

Pendants are great for shedding light to a specific area.

pedent lighting

I am really starting to appreciate the extra space they provide when done next to a bed.

pendent lights save space in bedrooms


In updating, you will want to consider energy-saving light fixtures. Using the newer LED bulbs can make a huge difference in your electrical bill. If you have not updated your hanging lights in over five years, it might be time to consider something newer and a little updated. I believe lighting is like a haircut, it’s wise to update every five to ten years!

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