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Blank Boring Walls | Add Art to Create Interest

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Art is an important addition to any room design.

Being a professional home stager I find I have many challenges. Occasionally the art in peoples home can be too taste specific. The goal when selling is to allow a buyer to see themselves in the house.  Not only the furniture and personal object convey who lives in a space, so can the wall art and wall color.

paper art

Neutralize Art

When hunting for art to coordinate with the property it has to be neutral and budget friendly. Coming up with an alternative to purchased art, you can get creative and create art.

Either an art store or craft store will have the supplies you need to obtain frames and acid-free craft paper. The accent colors in the room dictate what color craft paper used for the project. The beauty of this is, the type of paper and/or just the color of the paper will make this project look totally different and your own.

Begin by tearing wavy strips from the paper. If you can expose the layers of the paper. I did not want straight lines, but if you have handmade craft paper that could be quite beautiful, the edge is what will bring interest to your artwork.ripped paper

Begin with one piece and overlay one on top of another in any order that you like. Tape the edges with a small piece of tape to keep them together. Lay the mat on top and adjusted it to the area of the paper pattern you like the best is exposed. Flip it over to the back side. Since my paper was oversized to the mat, cut the edges of the paper to fit the mat, and then taped the strips to the back side of the mat to secure.ripped paper layed out


Clean the glass of the frame, lay the mat down, add the back of the frame and you have a unique piece of art. This is inexpensive and can be changed out to coordinate with your space if you change your colors, or look.

If you try this send me a picture of your paper art creation!

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