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5 Decorating Elements to Make a Room Look Fantastic

By September 14, 2017May 20th, 2022No Comments
adding plants to a room make it feel warmer

Every designer uses key decorating elements to make a room look fantastic. It’s the little things that take a room from ehh to beautiful. But those details are not always easy to decipher as to what they are. If you consider these five elements when creating your spaces, you will see a considerable change.

Find a focal point

First, find a focal point. A focal point is an essential decorating element in every design. This typically is where the eye focuses in the room when you first enter. It is usually the key feature in the room. Every room needs a focal point to build around. It can be as simple as a beautiful fireplace, a fantastic view, or even a piece of furniture or art. But the focal point is where the eye is drawn when you walk into the room. The items and placement of furnishings within the space then complement that focal point. One focal point in a room will make it feel classy. Think of a kitchen. If you are renovating, don’t have your finishes’ competing for attention. Let one finish do the talking, such as the floor tile, the counter, or the backsplash but not all finishes should be the main focal.

Bring the outdoors in

Plants are fantastic in a room. They not only purify the air they also add beauty to the space. Biophilic design is trending, and more people are seeing the advantages of bringing plants into their interiors. If you don’t consider yourself with a green thumb; then look into investing in some really good silk fake plants. They are carefree while adding beauty, and warmth to your room.

Consider something as simple as using a large vase with some branches. A bunch of fresh flowers on a table in a room always brightens the room up. Adding these touches will bring beauty and warmth to the overall aesthetics of the room.

decorating elements of plants, texture, and placement help create a cohesive room

The element of texture when decorating

Using texture is important in every room. Texture can be added with a rug, a throw, or baskets that you have your plants in. Having the different textures allows the eye to look around. Only having smooth surfaces can feel cold and hard. With the element of texture, the room becomes softer and more interesting to look at. By adding layers you can create a textured look also. A blanket on the back of a chair with a complimentary pillow makes a chair feel more inviting.

Along with texture though, your eye does need to rest someplace. Having open space, or a surface with little to nothing on it can do the trick. The minimalistic area gives you a place to rest your eye and be able to take in the entire space. Not every inch of a wall needs to have something hanging on it. Not every surface has to be filled with tchotchkes, or furniture. Open spaces in a room are refreshing.

having open space in a room helps the eye rest

Color speaks louder than most people realize. When you are choosing a color for the walls of a room consider the impact it has. I hear from a lot of my clients that it is the first component they want to tackle when decorating a room. In reality, it is the last element to tie a room completely together. It’s not to say that if you love green you cannot choose elements with green; but once you get all your green pieces together, then choose a color to complement those items to tie the room together.

Still a little baffled as to how to incorporate these decorating elements to make your room look fantastic? Consider reaching out to me we offer online services as well as in person. For a small investment, it might be worth every penny to get the look you are hoping to achieve.

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