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Decorating Your Table For Fall

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Fall, the air is crisper and we gather inside to entertain guest and friends. One central spot where we will share great food and conversation is our tables- dining or kitchen. So why not make your table the center of attraction.

Fall is easy to decorate a table because of the excess of gourds and pumpkins available in the market. The bright pop of orange and the warm colors of fall bring attention to any arrangement. These colors combined with branches or other plants can make a wonderful impact on any table. By using a feature plant or accessory it can anchor your arrangement. Although gourds come in various sizes use this to your advantage. Don’t worry about symmetry but think of balance by using various sizes to complement the arrangement.

Begin with a runner, or line up placemats to carry down the length of the table. Add either a small vase of flowers, candles or a plant to anchor the arrangement, then add your various gourds to create a fantastic arrangement. This particular table has great rustic charm.  I love the way they used the color of the gourds to coordinate with the stemware.

Another alternative could be to use candles as the focal point within the arrangement. Hurricane containers are great because you can fill in around the candles with acorns, small pine cones or even use candy corn, use your imagination. Again, add your gourds either symmetrically spaced between your candles or use various sizes to balance and complement the arrangement.

I have found that these arrangements not only look great on a table but can also be copied similarly onto a mantle to create impact. On a mantle, you can also add height for a drama. Note the taller candles and floral arrangement that would otherwise be in the way of the guest if sitting at a table.

These touches added to your decor make a festive feeling, and changeup space just that little bit creating a feel that fresh and new.

Need more inspiration? Pinterest is always fun to look through and get great ideas.

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