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Decorators Secrets When Shopping For A Client

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Shopping can be time-consuming, and it can also be a passion for some people. I do believe you can find quality goods at reasonable prices when looking for decor. To create that decorated look, not everything has to be a trade exclusive. The best part of the shopping hunt is that great feeling of when you do find the perfect piece at the right price, score!  When shopping I keep my eyes open for key items, my go-to always, for every job. What are some secrets when shopping? Ready to update your tired decor? Read On.

Soft Goods

Soft goods can be described as any textile used in decorating. Think of bedding, pillows, curtains, towels, etc. Home Goods, Home Sense, or TJMaxx are great resources for finding soft goods. I look for bedding. Adding layers to a bed achieves that luxurious feel in a bedroom. Whether it is a coverlet, a new duvet cover or accent pillows these stores are a great resource for that. Fresh white pillowcases are an essential item to keep on hand. I always need these for client’s bedrooms.

Pillows can transform a room. They can pull a room together and set the style of the room. Consider various sizes, textures, patterns, and of course colors. I created a “new look” for a bedroom just based on the pillows I found. Building from one element can create a lovely space. 

White towels. To some white towels may not be their go to, but they make a bathroom feel fresh and clean.  Home Goods is a great source for shopping quality towels at a reasonable price. Sometimes you can find great deals at Kohls and Target too. Remember decorating does not have to be expensive.


Another great accessory that can be used in any room is vases. Using various textures and materials clustered together can make a beautiful statement on any table surface. Adding vegetation creates a different dimension altogether. When shopping I tend to navigate toward clear glass and white, only because I know they can be used in any room. If you have a specific color palette in your home, look for interesting shapes and materials in that.

Wicker baskets are not only excellent for storage they are beautiful for texture in a room. I always keep my eyes open for different sizes and weaves. They are excellent for storing clothing items, but also can be quite beautifully used in a bathroom, or laundry room even.

wicker baskets are fabulous accessories decorators go shopping for.

Throw pillows as I mentioned before are an excellent accent to pull a room together. They are an easy way to create a new look in a room without a big expense. Add one or two and build from there. If you are crafty with a sewing machine, consider finding fabric to recover old, outdated looking pillows to refresh your room.

When shopping for decorating items have a plan in mind. Take a good look around your place to see if there is anything you can move from one room to another. Is there a way to repurpose items, or would the item look better in a new location in your house? When shopping and you find the “perfect item” consider where it will be going. Are there other items that you can sell or donate to not have a lot of items collecting that you never use? It’s not about having a lot of things in your house, it is about making a cohesive statement that you love.

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