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Entertaining in Our Favorite Room | Living Room

By November 20, 2014October 1st, 2018No Comments

The Living Room is an area we love to entertain in. Coming home for the holidays transpires warm feelings. What is the favorite room in your house that makes you happy? What is it in the room that tickles your senses? How do you make it inviting, warm and practical all at the same time? If you feel that your living room is not quite where you want it to be here are some suggestions to help improve the space.

Furnishing a comfortable living room

Start with a comfortable sofa and consider the seating arrangement. You want to group your sofa with chairs or another couch to create the conversation. If they are too far apart the conversation will not flow as easily. If you have a large room consider grouping seating into two different areas.

staged living room

Add a coffee table, and some stylish side tables. Remember everything does not have to match, textures and styles add interest to the room. This is where the objects placed on the tables can add charm and interest to the room. On the side-tables add some great lights. Lighting creates an ambiance in a room that makes it welcoming. I consider floor lamps and side table lights the “bling” of a room. They can complement the design and add a lot of style to a room.seating sidetable and coffee table

A warm rug with colors that you love can pull the entire room together giving it the feeling and ambiance that you are trying to attain.  Adding pillows, throws, art, and accessories are the details that bring the luxurious feeling to a living room.

Last, consider color. That’s right last is the color on the walls. Warm colors like reds, oranges, and browns create an atmosphere of warmth and encourage lingering and conversation. Cooler colors like blues, greens, and violets make a room feel energized and fresh. Examine the little details of the room to help direct in a color choice; the colors in the upholstery, rug, art, and objects that you love probably have some commonality that you tend to gravitate to. If you have an area rug that is anchoring your seating area choose a paint color that complements the colors in the rug. This will pull the room together giving it the feeling you want to convey.

Our living rooms tend to be the hub where we entertain friends and family when they visit. Why not make this room one that you also enjoy lingering in by adding color, furnishings, and items that speak to you.

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