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Curb Appeal | Key Componets

By October 13, 2014March 21st, 2018One Comment

A first impression begins outside. Have you ever driven by a home and say “I would love to live there.” What is it that makes you fall in love?

It is probably the entire package that you are looking at. The house, landscaping, location etc. all of these factors are part of the curb appeal. Whether you are considering selling or dwelling, curb appeal makes an impression.

So what are key components to make a great impression?


Make sure the siding is in good shape if needed power wash and paint. Any crooked or damaged shutters repair. A roof needs to be cared for also if you notice you have dark streaks on your roof most likely this can be removed by a professional. It will improve the appearance but also help maintain the life of the roof.

A great color on the front door can really draw attention and become a highlight of a house.

Amazingly enough, the money invested in a new garage door can reap a great return on the investment about 83%, so if this is something that you have been toying with to repair, do so know and enjoy the upgrade while you are still living in the house.

curb appeal



The lights that are next to the doorways should be proportioned to the outside of a house, and they can add a lot of style. Choose light fixtures that complement the style of the home, but also provide enough illumination to allow visitors to see the entrance ways to your house.

Pathway lights are nice to add lighting too, as well as adding up lights to highlight landscaping and the house.


Have trees and bushes trimmed to enhance and frame the house. If there are tree limbs hanging over the roof, remove them. If the bushes are covering windows cut them back to allow the light to shine into the home.

Grass that is in good shape is pleasing to the eye. Lawns that are spotty or not as lush looking can impact the look of a home. Maintain your lawn with regular fertilizing, seeding and watering to keep it looking it’s best.

Add color to all the green with perennials and annuals throughout the beds and individual pots near entrance ways. Adding brown mulch on beds helps fill in the areas that are bare, making beds look neat and clean, plus it helps cuts down on watering.

Decking, Patio’s, Driveways

These hard scapes make an impression too.  Driveways – maintain whether they are blacktop, fill any cracks and seal, a stone drive maintain by filling in any ruts that may occur due to weather and erosion. Decking should be cleaned and stained to maintain its appearance. Patios maintain by keeping weeds at bay, and repairing if stones that are loose or broken.

Maintaining the curb appeal of a home can take some effort but it is well worth the time and investment because it is the first impression people have when driving or walking by. Make the first impression a lasting impression by paying attention to the entire look of the property.

Karen GP

Author Karen GP

Karen GrayPlaisted is the principle owner of Design Solutions KGP. She is a graduate from Pace University and The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. Her marketing background and design sense are a perfect combination for home sellers. In the first year she began her staging business, she won the ‘Rising Star’ accolade from RESA, selected from all North American stagers, USA and Canada. In 2016 she won top Occupied Stager in the USA. Karen’s ability to educate and empower clients using simple solutions allows homeowners to transform their spaces with desirable affordable decadence.

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