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Hand-Me -Down Inherited Furniture | What To Do??

By February 21, 20192 Comments

Hand-me-down inherited furniture has sentimental value, although those pieces may not easily fit into your spaces.  When people downsize or unfortunately pass away, some treasures are inherited. Many of these pieces are usable in the home spaces, but most people just don’t know how to incorporate them.

Incorporating hand-me-down furniture

What do you do when the hand-me-down piece of furniture “does not fit” into the room? If you really love the piece consider rearranging some of your furniture. If it doesn’t work with your style, consider refinishing it.  When the flow of a room is not quite right, subconsciously it can play as a discord in our minds every time we enter into the room. We forever feel like the newly acquired piece is a misfit, when actually it might enhance the space. Refinishing a piece, or reupholstering a piece can give it new life.

Consider the condition of the piece. For upholstered furniture ask yourself does the fabric work? Does it look tired and worn, are the cushions in good shape? The fabric may look tired and used, or possibly not coordinate with other items in the space, sometimes the seat cushions need to be replaced.

Upholster and refinishing a hand-me-down

The hand-me-down might need some “help.” Look at its condition to determine the best route to take. You can find many products to restore the wood and metal at hardware stores. If your lucky enough to have an upholstery fabric store nearby take a look to see what they have available. Ask for samples of fabric to bring back to your place to make sure the colors and look coordinate. A decorator or fabric store personnel are a good source to help with inspirational ideas and different ways to finish the piece. If you have several pieces going into the same room consider reupholstering them at the same time to create a look. When a piece(s) is refinished to coordinate with your decor it is amazing how it will harmonize with what you do own.

updated hand-me-down chair

Wood pieces can be refinished with stain, wax, painted, varnish, lacquered, and new hardware. Just change the wood alone can make a piece look completely different. Giving it a new life. Metal pieces can be refinished and painted. Refreshing the finish provided that the item is not valued for its particular finish, as a result, will bring it new life.

The best thing with hand-me-downs is the cost- typically they are free. and sometimes better quality.  If you lack the do-it-yourself confidence, call in the pros to help. For minimal cost, you will have a treasure to pass on to the next generation.

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