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Have you ever considered repurposing your rooms to work best for your needs? Now it is so essential to make the most of the rooms in our homes. If you are thinking of renovating or improving upon the space here are some key points to consider.

Plan Out Your Rooms and Dream

We are nesting more and socializing less, so this is a great time to plan. Do your homework, ask for help and shop around for the resources that see your vision and are knowledgeable regarding the type of project. Understand what is required in your area if you are renovating something in your home so it does not come back and cause problems for you down the road.

Function First and Comfort Rules!

What do you feel you need in your home to live fully? Decide on the purpose of the room and what you need or use it for.  Review what you have that does work, and then consider what are you missing or lacking in the space. What are you not satisfied with? What is it that does not work perfectly for you? Then think of what you need to add to satisfy those needs.

The function of the rooms in your home should satisfy how you live in them

If you are lacking privacy for your Zoom calls consider how you can create that within the space. Possibly you do not have enough storage for everything. Consider shelving, better use of a closet, or possibly a bookcase, or a file cabinet. Whatever it is to make the room function better is your goal.

You do not have to start from scratch. Utilize what does work for you and then add to the room. Consider beauty and comfort when you are coming up with solutions to satisfy what is lacking in the space.

Materials Matter

Consider all the elements that go into making a room a special space. Not only consider how the room will be used but the aesthetics are important too. Lighting is an important feature in all rooms. The furniture placement and amount of furniture in the room are essential too. Paint color can really refresh a room and change the feeling. Wallpaper can be sophisticated or fun, it can be an element that will transform the room to create the vision you are hoping for. Consider all the components that will be needed in the room to make it function well for your lifestyle.

Splurging on a high thread count for your sheets that you use every single solitary day is worth every penny. Again, it comes back to the function and comfort of the room. These small elements are the things that make one room welcoming and another one you don’t even want to enter.

Bending the Budget

When working on a renovation or decorating a room it is always smart to set a budget and try to stay within it. Realize that most people do go above budget so leave yourself with a little buffer. Considering that making the most of the materials and being creative, results typically in the most beautiful rooms.

With your budget though decide where you are willing to splurge. For example, when renovating a kitchen possibly it is the top-of-the-line cooktop that you must have. To save on the budget then consider light fixtures from a second-hand shop or a big box store to save some money. Also, consider other resources to source your materials, get creative, and realize not everything has to be purchased at once.

Make it personal

There is inspiration everywhere. Consider online, but also when you are out and about look at the details in a restaurant, a hotel, an Airbnb. I have clients create an inspiration board on Pinterest and have them pin things they love. After a while, you will see some consistency of things that do inspire you and those are the things to take notice of. Those items are the ones you should consider incorporating into your spaces to make them personal.

add personal details to your rooms

Realize though that you do not have to copy any design exactly. Be creative, if you like something and feel that you are not quite sure how to accomplish something, get assistance. Many times hiring someone that has extensive knowledge in an area is worth using some of your set budget on. Decorating mistakes can be expensive, so having a professional in your back pocket can actually save you money in the long run.

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