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Styling Secrets That Will Make Your Home Look Like You Had Help

By January 21, 2020August 25th, 2021No Comments
styling secrets

Styling secrets are really not secrets but they are principles in design that work. The styling secrets that decorators use are to enhance the room and its architectural details.

Here are some styling secrets we use in decorating client homes, as well as when we are staging a home to impress buyers.

Embrace Emptiness

Negative space is a good thing in design. Allow the eye to rest in a room, to be able to take in the details, and not be overwhelmed. Sometimes homeowners feel “more is better,” it could be if space and emptiness are given to balance. Having a lot of things in a room, or out-of-proportion furniture that does not fit in will need some editing to allow the eye to rest. A big trend now and popular styling secret is to style a room with less is more in mind.


balance is a great styling secret

Our eye enjoys symmetry as it enjoys negative spaces in a room. The balance of items is not only symmetry to consider but also consider light and dark, busy with calm. The styling secret here is creating the Ying and Yang that creates an ambiance in the room to be comfortable. This can be accomplished through styling furniture, painting, or adding accessories to create a balanced room.

Point of View

A point of view is one of the styling secrets I believe in. Don’t be afraid to express yourself in your decorating. I always like a little whimsy in a room because it expresses who lives there. Consider color, accessories, or the design of the room itself to create the point of view. Don’t incorporate something you love just because you think others might think it’s not right. Embrace your style. It is what makes your home enjoyable to you and to those that enter.

Switch Things Up

Don’t be stuck with the same things in the same place forever. This styling secret I have used many times. I will go into a home and move furniture or accessories around to the homeowners’ amazing satisfaction. Over and over again I hear “I never thought of mixing those items.” Or “I never thought of moving that there!” It is an inexpensive way to give a room a completely new look. Go shopping in your own home and switch things up.

Move Away From The Wall

style secret move furniture away from walls away from walls

When creating a room pull your furniture away from the wall. It makes for better conversations. The room will be more intimate when the seating is grouped together. Consider ways to make cozy conversation areas. Don’t concentrate so much as to where to place the TV, think more as to how to enjoy those in the room with you. Creating a cozy environment is what draws people into a room, making them want to linger and stay awhile.

Add Natural Elements

For starters, green plants are one of my best styling secrets ever. They add warmth into a room, clear the air, and are such a beautiful natural element to add. Metal is a nice feature that draws attention, as are crystals, rock, and other minerals. Think of how soothing the sound of water is. Adding a fountain is also a serene natural element to add.

Natural wood furniture is also a wonderful way to bring in the natural feeling into a home. Consider furniture, cabinetry, and floors.

A window looking to the outside is a great focal point to consider when arranging furniture in a room. Natural elements create a soothing feel in a home. So when creating a room consider the placement of the windows in relation to the furniture. If there are no large windows consider adding natural elements to bring the outdoors in.

Trying some of these ideas to refresh a room can make it feel as though you completely redecorated!

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