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What Features Home Buyers Feel Are Important

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77% of buyers like staged homes

What features do home buyers feel are important, and what do they look for? When owning a house there comes a time that improvements may need to be made. The question soon comes to what will be a worthwhile investment. Consider what buyers will want, and will help you gain a return on your improvements.

Outside Features

Curb Appeal

front door curb appeal

Curb appeal includes landscaping, lighting, the color of the building, the attractiveness of the entranceway or front door. Basically how appealing does the house look in the setting that it is in.

Curb Appeal is a worthwhile investment because it is a feature that buyers are attracted to. It is the first impression they have of a property, so beautiful curb appeal is worth every penny.

Inside Features


kitchens are a key feature that home buyers look for when searching for a new house

Kitchens weigh 30% in a buyer’s decision to make an offer. A lot of people think they need the gourmet kitchen but are not really chiefs, they just want people to think they are. What is important when you are selling?

Matching appliances– being all in the same finish, stone counters have a huge appeal. Granite is big, marble but what continues to have growing popularity are quartz countertops. Buyers also love light kitchens. If you do not have the budget or are moving within two or fewer years consider painting your cathedral raised panel yellow oak cabinets. They will have a much stronger appeal to buyers. The light color will make the kitchen feel bright, happy and appealing.  

To add more light consider the ever-popular subway tiles. If you do not have the budget for that consider peel and stick tiles. Also, consider a kitchen island if you can fit it with seating, and surprisingly buyers love an eat-in kitchen and are beginning to want a dining room as a feature in their new home.

Other Features

Hardwood floors are a popular feature, 54% of home buyers are willing to pay more for a home that has hardwood over carpeting. It is due to the simplicity of cleaning and ease of lifestyle.

Non-personal colors are very important to buyers. Paint is one of the biggest bangs for your buck when it comes to selling. Neutral paint colors that work with your existing finishes will allow buyers to look at the features and structure of the house. Color is so very personal, by going more on the neutral end you know the majority of the buyers will not object to the colors.

Updated light fixtures that coordinate with the style of the home. Over time light fixtures go out of style- kind of like a hairstyle I always say. Every 5 to 10 years look at the light fixtures and see if they are still what you see in home magazines, and in popular home TV shows. If not, then it’s time to replace. Energy efficiency is an important feature to buyers also. When looking at new lighting consider LED lighting that is more efficient. Consider your windows, doors, and insulation when thinking of features buyers consider. Smart systems are desirable to many now also.

Updated bathrooms are a feature many buyers look at. It could be due to the average update costs range $6000 to $15,000. For a buyer saving every penny to purchase a home, it is not an added expense that they want to get involved in. An ensuite bathroom is also another very desirable feature. 

Working on a home to improve it there are many considerations. Ensuring that you are not throwing money out it is nice to be aware of what features buyers weigh as being important when they are deciding on one home over another.

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