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Decorating Trends How To Incorporate Into Your Home

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decorating trends

This past year had us all rethinking and reimagining rooms to make them work for our new lifestyle. With that, decorating trends have emerged that will probably continue to hold strong in years to come.

What is a trend versus a fad? A trend lasts usually three to ten years where a fad comes in just about as fast as it goes out. These uprising trends, how do you incorporate into your home without breaking the bank? Read on.

Flexible Living Spaces

This is a big decorating trend that emerged with everyone being at home. The shift toward home offices are big, allowing us to work online became extremely important this past year. Moving forward many companies are realizing the savings of allowing their employees to work completely remotely. Kids learning from home will also have the option moving forward. Creating office spaces will be essential in all homes.

A trend that is now decreasing in popularity is open concept homes. Although beautiful, working online in an open concept home can be a hindrance unless there are specific rooms that can be utilized as office space.

How do you create a flexible living space?

Instead of using the dining room or kitchen table to do your work consider creating an actual office area that you can do work at and have things within reach. Whether you have a room that you can actually dedicate to an office or you set up a “cloffice” – closet turned into an office, it’s a space you can work at. Being able to leave your computer set up with pads of papers to jot down notes and having a place to put printed out documents can really make a difference.

office spaces are trending

Materials and Finish Trends

Bringing the outdoors in continues to be a strong decorating trend.  Over this past year, we dreamed of better times. We craved being outdoors for a change of space and having that connection with nature naturally made people want to incorporate this as part of their home environment.

Botanical wallpapers, lighter woods, natural plants are elements that are popping up as a popular choice. Everyone’s goal is to create a home that is more comfortable. Natural elements feel just that natural.

How can you incorporate the trending finishes?

Allow more natural light in. Remove heavy drapery, or consider window treatments that allow you the full view by day but can be closed for privacy at night. Consider bringing in real plants. There are easy-care plants available if you think you do not have a green thumb.

Tired of your room and ready for a redo? Consider your walls, look at botanical wallpaper or possibly consider peel and stick wood tiles to bring in a natural element. Of course, some of the 2021 color picks from paint companies are also a beautiful consideration.

plants are trending

Furniture Style Trends

Contemporary style furniture is still is a widely popular choice, minimalistic with clean lines. Antiques are also a strong choice. Antiques can be as old as 100 years or more but the mid-century modern and art deco style are favorable too and have been trending for a few years now. The key trend rising are people creating their spaces as their own with a mixture of items. These furniture trends make up for a unique relaxed lived-in space. No longer is the matchy-match style in. The realization for good design in rooms has become prevalent as we have spent more time at home.

How do you incorporate the trending furniture styles?

I always start redoing a room by reviewing the contents in a house. Sometimes things can be moved around to give you a completely different look. If you have items that you know are no longer giving you happiness, it is time to let them go. Find avenues to sell them, or donate them- there are enough people now that could use your donations if the items are still in good condition. Realize one of the best-refurbished rooms always has plenty of space for organization too.  Realize the trends but incorporate your needs for the room and it will turn out to be even better than the original set up.

Trending Colors

You cannot talk about decorating trends without mentioning color. And color is being embraced by all! Rich jewel tones like cobalt and navy blue, beautiful emerald greens are showing strong interest. They will definitely add luxury and maturity to a palette in any room. Also popular are warm earth tones. This goes back to bringing the outdoors in. Rich cognac, burnt orange, mustard will all be popular. Gray will be moving toward warmer shades. The gray that has been so popular for years is now giving way to a warm palette. Color always updates any room and can create a great vibe.

Which Color Should You Choose?

It all depends. Selecting a color to create a cohesive look in a room is not as easy as most people believe. Everyone hopes that with the new paint color they just picked, the room will transform to look like a decorator was hired. Color can help, but there are many variables when choosing the right color to make a room convey ‘pulled together’. If you do not understand the nuances of color and how they work, it is always worth spending the money and eliminating the frustrations to have a color consultation. This not only applies to picking a color but also choosing the correct white for a room. Color matters and it can be as personal as the portrait of your mother-in-law in the room. Take time to select the correct one once you have developed all the other elements in the room.

Design Solutions KGP is always available to help you virtually or in-person to help you with all your decorating needs.

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