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Key Improvements That Will Reap a Profit | Kitchens

By January 19, 2016June 24th, 2022One Comment

Key improvements when selling can be a little bit of a Catch 22; what do you do? Spend some money to change and improve? Possibly this will gain a bigger interest in your house. Not to improve, saving money and possibly losing some interest in your house, or even having to list for a lower price when it is on the market.

It is essential to ensure elements that matter to buyers are represented well when selling. Invest your money in key improvements. These will resonate with buyers and help you stand out above the competition. A Professional Home Stager will help you understand what those investments are that have an impact.

Key Kitchen Improvements

I always hear this when the house is on the market “should I have put in granite counters?” Here is my answer in the long-form…

Since this is one of the key rooms that buyers base 30% of their decision on liking a house or not, money spent here is wise. Take a look around with a critical eye, does your kitchen convey one that appears up to date? If you are not sure what an updated kitchen is, contact a designer, Professional Stager, or go to a kitchen store to see what the latest designs are.


kitchen update

Painted Cabinets

Some improvements can be as simple as paint or as involved as replacing everything in the room. Some elements to keep in mind when thinking of an “updated” kitchen are the style of the cabinets popular today?

Sometimes just painting out good quality cabinets, and updating hardware can do the trick to bring the kitchen into the 21st century when putting your house on the market. But if the cabinets are very taste-specific or not in style, then it is wise to replace them. If you are planning on dwelling longer, and not selling within a year then taking the next step to replace, or possibly resurface the cabinets, should be considered and worth the investment. A professional will be able to help and direct you.

Speaking of paint, consider a neutral color for the kitchen too. Using lighter walls with darker cabinets emanates a nice balance.  

Elements to Consider In Your Update


Reviewing the kitchen simply see if all the appliances are in matching finishes. Having all black, white, or stainless alone can make the room feel up to date. The trend currently is to incorporate smart appliances that help with everyday life. Using your smartphone to turn on the oven before you come home is convenient and smart. Having appliances incorporated into the cabinetry is also a nice update to consider,


Countertops can date a space also. Having a stone surface like quartz or granite is the preferred choice by buyers. But if you are selling soon take a look at the new laminate surfaces which are a little less expensive and can make a good impression on a buyer.

decorated kitchen for selling


Forever classic are natural wood floors and tile floors. But if these are out of your budget range there are other options. Luxury vinyl has improved and increased in popularity over the years. This is a great option for the budget-minded. Some can be laid right over the existing floor, but consult with a flooring expert first.  

Kitchen sink and faucets

Kitchen sinks that incorporate a cutting board, and colander makes the open area useful. Consider updating the faucet too. The technology that is available to make our lives a little simpler is worth the investment.


Lighting is one item throughout a house that can date it. Having current “in fashion” lighting can make a big difference. Utilizing LED lighting can also save some money so it is worth looking into. 

It does not matter the size of your kitchen, what matters is that it is functional since it is the hub of the house.  Keep in mind what will make it best for you and those that live with you. 

Creating a kitchen that impresses buyers can be a bigger expense than some are willing to take on. Be objective and look at this room from a buyer’s eye, not sure you can do that, then call in a Professional Home Stager, they will be able to survey the room and help you choose what the best course will be to obtain the biggest return on your investment.


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