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Kitchen Design and Trends

By January 23, 2017June 24th, 2022No Comments
black, gray and white kitchen

Kitchen design and trends are important when updating a home. Clients ask “if I were to renovate my kitchen what should I do?”

Kitchens are the hub of the house. That being said, a kitchen update is expensive but worth the enjoyment you will receive from this hard-working room.

Current Kitchen Design and Trends

According to polls taken, and trends sighted, white kitchen cabinets are still very popular. This shows that light and bright kitchens are typically the choice of many. Although light color woods, natural wood, and deeper color cabinets are rising in popularity. 

A shaker-style door front is the favorite of many and will stay favorable for years to come. Coming back into fashion is also a smooth front door. Many are realizing the practicality of these for keeping the kitchen clean.

Counters that are of a hard surface like quartz, and natural stone are still desirable by the majority, but other surfaces such as stainless or concrete have their place in today’s designs.

Smart technology incorporated into kitchen design along with appliances brings convenience into our lives.  Stainless appliances have been trending in kitchens for years, but many manufacturers are now featuring black appliances. Ideally, a kitchen should have all the same finish on the appliances that can be seen.

The key when redesigning a kitchen is to ensure it will serve your needs first, and not look dated within five years’ time. Function and enough storage are essential in an updated kitchen.

Other Update Features

Along with stone countertops, having the same stone on the backsplash creates a very sophisticated look. Using all one type of tile with texture is also trending on backsplashes. Depending on the counter you choose the backsplash application should coordinate with the material. 

Incorporating a mix of cabinetry such as light or natural wood with a darker island creates a nice blend of materials. Having the appliances incorporated into the cabinets or adding cabinet fronts to the appliances are very desirable now. 

Kitchen Designs That Will Endure

Here I searched the internet for kitchens I find to be clean, classic, and very tastefully done that will endure the test of time for many years to come.

The white with soft gray cabinets are classic. White uppers and deep-color lower cabinets are trending also.  Natural wood cabinets in lighter wood tones are popular and will have staying power for a while.  Note the use of different materials for the counters

The soft taupe color of these cabinets is a beautiful light neutral that looks nice with the quartz counters. It’s a change from white and more updated too. Combining these materials makes the kitchen design cohesive. The color trends are leaning away from cooler grays and towards greige.  A nice blend of both gray and browns that tend to be warmer.

The classic wood cabinets here bring warmth to all the stainless, again a mix of counter material. If you choose wood cabinets, consider a shaker or smooth panel look, they will continue to look in style for a long time.

You can never go wrong with the classic black and white in a kitchen. The gorgeous soaring ceiling, of course, makes this space feel welcoming and open. The open style is nice for the family as well as entertaining.

If you are considering building a new home or updating an existing kitchen, classic style will always be in fashion.

Incorporate shaker-style cabinets, or a smooth front cabinet for a simple, clean look. Neutral colors for your back-splash tile and counters. Stone counters are the preferred material for kitchens. If you need to put your “personality” into the design, choose one item to do the talking, do not make the back-splash, counter, cabinets, lighting, and floor all stand out; pick one.

Kitchen designs do change over the years as to what is trending. Choosing materials that are classic and stand the test of time are ones that are a strong investment and will give you a return when it is time to move on. An updated kitchen will continue to provide pleasure for years to come.

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