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Decorating with Pets And Living Spaces | Keep Them All Looking Great

By April 16, 2019No Comments
decorating with pets

Living and decorating with pets can raise some challenges. One day you hear, “guess what we just got?” And in comes the pet. Internally you are thinking “what about my gorgeous _______” you can fill it in. How do you live with an animal and keep your home looking like you want it?

I have mentioned practical flooring choices in a previous blog, but let’s consider other components of the room.

Decorating with pets, some ideas

First, let’s consider the walls. If they are painted –which is the best and worse type of paint finish to use?

You have to think about what we call in my house “dog goobies.” Those unidentifiable spots that tend to navigate towards walls. How they end up on the walls only my furry friends know. They do have to be cleaned and the leftover dried on treasures when cleaned can make a mess of the wall.


What paint finish is the best when you own animals? I have found that you do not paint your walls a flat finish. Although velvety in appearance and produces a coziness in a room, it is difficult to clean off. It is not scrubbable as other finishes. Semi-gloss is the easiest to clean, but unless your wall is perfect it shows irregular bumps and lumps more easily. Semi-gloss will enhance any and all irregularities. Think of an orange peel, yeah pretty bumpy but glossy. The best finish to decorate with pets living in your house is an eggshell or satin finish. It’s easy to clean up and will not show off every ding and dent you might have. Once cleaned it will not leave a huge mark and will keep its color and sheen. Of course, you will have to paint a room that your pets reside in more frequently, but that’s pet ownership.

Don’t want to just have plain solid colored walls? Consider adding a huge vinyl graphic on a wall, these are fairly easy to apply and can be cleaned with a sponge and are also the scrubbable too which can be a fantastic option for many. The important thing to keep in mind when decorating with pets is the cleaning factor– how easy is it to remove the problem.

decorating with pets



Furniture is another consideration when decorating with pets. There are durable fabrics like Crypton that are odor and stain resistant to pets.  Subrella is another fabric manufacturer that holds up to pets and it is not just for outdoors anymore. Having fabrics that are washable is a big plus. Area rugs that are for indoor/outdoor use are great, due to the ease of being able to hose them down to clean them, and they still look great.

Consider sturdy tables and easy clean surfaces. Metal bases are an excellent option with pets. Wood legs can get chewed, while upholstered chair or couch skirts are great for cats to claw. Open bases and legs on furniture are best when choosing items.

Pulling the elements together

Once you have the basics of the room completed then consider enhancing the room with some great pictures of your pets. Framed prints, photos, and paintings can really pull a room together by giving it great character. The best part is the money invested in these items are out of harm’s way from critters that live closer to the ground. You can have gorgeous rooms living with pets if you consider some practical factors to make living with them amicably.

Karen GP

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Karen GrayPlaisted is the principle owner of Design Solutions KGP. She is a graduate from Pace University and The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. Her marketing background and design sense are a perfect combination for home sellers. In the first year she began her staging business, she won the ‘Rising Star’ accolade from RESA, selected from all North American stagers, USA and Canada. In 2016 she won top Occupied Stager in the USA. Karen’s ability to educate and empower clients using simple solutions allows homeowners to transform their spaces with desirable affordable decadence.

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