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Pet Friendly Ideas When Decorating

By October 22, 2018November 12th, 2018No Comments
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Decorating with pets can create challenges. Admit it, we love our pets, and if our home is animal-friendly it will be comfortable. Here are some tips to keep in mind when decorating with pets to create a fabulous space.

7 Tips for Decorating with Pets

  1. Consider the flooring- hard bare surfacing is the best choice when decorating for animals, and children too. It is easier to clean and maintain.
  2. Choose flooring that hides dirt– I have a travertine kitchen floor that hides everything, and I love it. For flooring think of the color of fur of your pets. Obviously, if you have a light color carpet and a black lab you will be seeing hair every day. Same goes with upholstered furniture.
  3. Upholstered furniture– think pet-friendly. I know “my pet does not climb on the sofa”, but it is always smart to keep in mind durability and cleanability. Leather, washable ultra suede, and a fabric called Crypton that protects against stains and simple to clean are all fantastic choices.
  4. Dog crates– these two words can make some people shake their heads – yes and other’s no. There are so many nice ones out on the market now. Creating your pet in its own cozy retreat it will make them not want to be on your furniture!
  5. pet friendly bed
  6. Remove the chachkies– yes all those little breakable collectible and trinkets. One tail wag and they will go flying to the floor and break. Move those valuables up to a safer spot. Consider using beautiful art instead of on the walls away from danger, pictures can bring a lot of personality and warmth to a room
  7. Think of your entry– if your animals spend time outside you will want to bring them in and out of the house. The area should be impervious to dirt, water, and stains. Also hang some attractive hooks for leashes and a coat too for when you have to go out with your friends.
  8. Storing Toys– just like a child, animals have toys and things that can navigate through the house. Splurge and find yourself a beautiful basket, fun bucket or special open bin to store those items in. When playtime is over it is easy to place everything in the container, but it is open for easy access for your pet.

Your home can be practical and still be considered beautifully decorated. Be mindful as to how and who the room will be used by. There is no reason why you cannot find flooring, furnishing, and artwork to complete a space that is warm, welcoming.

Karen GP

Author Karen GP

Karen GrayPlaisted is the principle owner of Design Solutions KGP. She is a graduate from Pace University and The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. Her marketing background and design sense are a perfect combination for home sellers. In the first year she began her staging business, she won the ‘Rising Star’ accolade from RESA, selected from all North American stagers, USA and Canada. In 2016 she won top Occupied Stager in the USA. Karen’s ability to educate and empower clients using simple solutions allows homeowners to transform their spaces with desirable affordable decadence.

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