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Color Consultation-Why Would I Need One?

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A color consultation completely tailors the color of rooms. The colors should reflect a client’s personal style and allow rooms within a house to flow together harmoniously.

A color consultation begins with understanding what a client is expecting for their rooms. It’s important to put together a clear picture as to what is in a client’s mind and what they want to achieve.  Sometimes a client might have an inspiration piece, a favorite color, or has seen an image of what they hope to achieve. By taking that information, reviewing the existing contents in the house, a color palette can emerge.

Colors by themselves do not stand alone. Let’s say you absolutely love red. But finding the right shade to complement the floors, other wall colors and cabinetry are what’s important to consider. It may take a little experimentation to find the best combinations to pair other colors together to give the rooms a cohesive feel.

What happens during a color consultation

During a color consultation, the trained professional is looking at things in a house from a different, more critical perspective. Therefore, they are not only concentrating on the color per se, but also the other elements within a room that can influence the color. The amount of natural light in the room. The type and color of the flooring, the other finishes in the room such as cabinetry or counters, all influence the way color can appear with these elements.

Because there are other factors in a room that can affect color, it is impossible to choose a color in a store from the samples. Some people may see the color in the store and bring it home noticing it is not the same. Lighting and finishes do affect how colors look in the space they are intended for.

Although a client might have their sights set on a robin egg blue, as the process evolves, they may find that a different shade or tone in the same color family might be the better choice for the room. With thousands of colors, there is the right color for every room. Through the color consultation, those colors come to light. The best way to decide which colors compliment each other is by comparing the colors with one another. Most professionals will have large boards of actual colors. These allow the client to see the nuances and understand why one color may be the better over the one they originally selected.

Once a color is chosen for a room consideration of color of trim and ceilings should be discussed. These can really bring the room together if they are complementing each other. The finish of the paint is another factor to understand during the color consult. The reflection from a glosser product can make the color appear differently

The end results of a color consultation

The ultimate goal for the color consultation is to ensure the color choice reflects what the client is imagining. Color is very personal. It can influence the way we feel about a room. Getting it right gives the inhabitant a feeling of relaxation and appreciation which is the ultimate result!

We are here to help you get the right colors for your rooms please reach out.

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