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Your entrance into your home is the greeting to all that come and visit. It should say “Welcome,” come on in. Here are some elements to consider creating the reception you want visitors to feel.

The focus is on the door,  but a beautiful landscaped lawn and path leading to the door help convey a pleasing entrance.

Elements for a welcoming entrance


Pavers depending on the climate and style of your home various materials can be used to create a welcoming pathway to the entrance. It can be as elaborate as Belgian block or simple as crushed stone. A path leads guests, it directs them to where you would like them to enter into your home.

Stone path leads to the entrance


Lighting is a very important component to the look of a home. Make sure the lights correlate to the style of the home. Also, make sure that the lights outside the door are large enough in proportion to the space where the light is hanging. All too often builder installs a small light because it needs to be there to pass inspection. Unfortunately, the homeowner never considers changing the light to enhance the entrance.  I see tiny lights that just do not look right.

Consider up lighting foundation shrubs for a dramatic look. Lighting foundation shrubs also create a welcoming feeling at night time.entrance lighting


Plantings are important because it can make the home look welcoming and helps frame the home.  Adding foundation plants and flowers draw an eye to the house. I find a house without foundation planting looks almost bare. Color from flowering perennials and annuals help bring interest and focus. The colors from plants can also pull the look of the house together tying in shutters, door, and other element colors. boarders

These borders all in one color lead you to the welcoming entrance and make a big impact.

Front Door

When looking at the front door consider the style. Does it work with the style of the house? Does it look to belong or out of place? The color of the door is something that owners can play with to make an impression. Consider the other colors of the house when choosing a front door color. Make all the colors complement one another. It is amazing how a new doorknob and lock can take a basic door from boring to fantastic. All of these features should be considered when choosing a door.

front door entrance

Although some of these features may seem not to matter, when you put them all together they make a big impact to say “Welcome family, friends, and guests” If you want to make a statement consider these details to welcome anyone that comes to your house!

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