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Mudrooms and Storage Spaces

By December 6, 2018One Comment

Mudrooms and storage spaces help keep the clutter in order.  Without a place to store all the ‘stuff’, it can become overwhelming.

Throughout the year a mudroom is a saving. Being able to have an area to drop off the dirty boots, and wet coats prevent the mess continuing into the rest of the house. First off, if you have space like this in your house- you are LUCKY! Mudrooms that have space for hanging coats and a spot for footwear keeps everything in order and looking clean.

Carve out storage

Even using a hallway I thought was a great idea with built-ins, drawers and hanging spaces. Although this hall is narrow keeping everything white and bright keeps the space feeling open and satisfies the need.

hall storage

This laundry area keeps everything handy. Just think, your kids have been out playing in the rain and mud, when they come in they can remove it all and be thrown in the wash. Great space for muddy animals too.

storage in a laundry mudroom

Some of us do not have as much space in our homes to dedicate as a mud room, but I loved this entrance hall. The table- not too big cleverly mounted along the wall and hooks to hang all the coats. I might have changed out the picture for a shelf with baskets to store all the hats, scarves and mittens though.

entrance storage

This bench is great for storage and an easy place to sit and put your shoes on and off. Each drawer can be used for individual storage or one for hats, mittens, and scarves. Maybe another for totes and animal paraphernalia.

storage bench

 And I love, love, love this idea of shelves going up the steps to house belongings- great use of space and it looks great too.

step storage


To save money you can also buy units vs. having built-ins for storage. This is a good option for people that move frequently or living in a temporary setting. This way if you move they can move with you. As you can see you can purchase multiple of the same units or mix it up to have a bench and taller units for storage.

A great resource to look to is online, Ikea, The Container Stores, Target and other big box stores. They have kits for shelving that can be used to help you with all your storage needs. Taking care of the mess does not have to be boring. With a little thought where to collect everything, you can actually enhance a space!

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Karen GP

Author Karen GP

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