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HGTV Ways to Save Money Remodeling a Bath

By August 6, 2015 2 Comments
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How exciting, I was featured in an HGTV article! They had asked me if I had any advice for their viewers on how to save money when remodeling a bathroom. After many years of helping clients save money doing updates and remodeling projects this was a familiar territory!HGTV article

They liked my suggestions to help homeowners in the process of remodeling to save money. One suggestion was to add a decorative frame around a large bathroom mirror that is becoming de-glazed around the edges is not only saving money, but it is also updating the look of the bathroom. Either homeowners can have a frame made or purchase one from a company similar to Mirror Mates . It hides the imperfections of the mirror, costs less than replacing a big mirror, and updates the look of a bathroom. This particular client did the frame but also updated lighting fixtures and faucets which changed the whole look of a dated bathroom, to one that was updated and refreshed with these touches and a fresh coat of paint.

remodeled bathroom

When remodeling sometimes you feel like the expenses are never going to end, so you decide to cut one of the more expensive options. Unfortunately that might not be the best decision to make if you are going for that new “wow” factor.

In a project where the owners were very limited in their budget but really wanted the bathroom to look new and “impressive” I suggested painting out the cabinet, getting new hardware, and spending the majority of the budget on a piece of granite that they loved. They did, we found inexpensive sinks and fixtures online and updated the old look to one that was new and more in line with what they were hoping for.

new bath counters

The HGTV article has other excellent tips for saving money during a bathroom remodel. Some of the suggestions can also be applied to other remodel project throughout your home that can really add a bigger impact to a small remodeling budget than you think. If you are unsure, not feeling creative or secure enough in your updates, contact a decorator in your area. If you are not an expert in this area your budget will be well spend on receiving professional advice and direction.

Let me know of your budget friendly ideas that created a huge impact for your remodeling project!

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