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Should I Stage My Home? Tips for Preparing Your House For Sale

By August 4, 2020September 20th, 2020No Comments
staged home to attract buyers

Should I Stage My Home?

Should I stage my home is a great question. First though you need to understand what staging is.

Staging is preparing a house for sale. The goal is to present the house in the best light so that buyers fall in love with it. Another word staging is the packaging for the marketing of the house.

NAR Statistics On Staging

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) compiles statistics from Agents every year. This is what their 2019 results showed:

  • Among REALTORS® who typically represent the seller, only 41% report they have sellers stage their home.
  • 44% of Seller Agent’s saw staged homes increases the value of a home by 5-25%
  • 53% of Sellers Agents saw a reduced time on the market due to staging
  • 83% of Buyers said it is easier to visualize the property as a future home when it is staged
  • 65% of Buyers feel a home should like they see on TV shows
  • 71% of Buyers were disappointed as to how the homes were presented when shopping.  

This shows that not every real estate agent representing a seller suggests staging a house. Although when house shopping, buyers expect the homes they are viewing to look like homes they see on TV shows. Those homes that are not staged, over 71% of the buyers are disappointed.

If a buyer is disappointed they will not make an offer and go onto the next house. Seller looses out, the house lingers on the market and may not receive the top dollar they are expecting.

What’s a Seller to do?

The statistics have proven that professional home staging has an impact on the outcome of the sale. Professional home staging allows a seller to protect their equity. Yes, home staging does cost money. Who wants to invest money into the largest investment (house) they have ever made? A smart seller does.

Having a professional home stager assist you refining your house to become one that is extremely desirable, and marketable will help you sell.

A seller can begin the process prior to even having an Agent come to their house. Here are some definitive “must do’s” prior to listing a house.

Tips for preparing your house for sale

clean before selling

Clean every surface in the house has to be clean. If you cannot clean it then replace it. Meaning if the flooring is in bad shape replace it. If the walls are in disrepair paint them. Everything should look clean and new.

Color, selling is not the time to show off your “unique” style. Buyers are looking at the house, not your personal style. Neutralize your colors to complement the decor of the house.

Declutter but don’t sterilize other words, remove all the extra things that you are planning on not moving. Leave items that you are keeping and create a feeling of lifestyle in your house. When declutter do not remove the lifestyle that buyers are looking for. Remember they want the house to look like TV shows.

Light fixtures show the age of a house immediately. We all dislike looking old, make your house look timeless. Update ceiling fans, lighting, and builder lights with the current, in style lighting.

Being Objective can buyers imagine themselves making this house their next home? Does the image of the house and furnishing directly correlate with the current pricing of the house? Do you hope to make more money on the house, and would rental items allow you to do so?

Staging a house is not an easy undertaking. If it is done correctly from the beginning it makes the entire selling process go quickly and smoothly. A professional home stager is always willing to assist sellers to obtain the optimum return. If you are not sure where to begin reach out for our virtual staging consultation. If you are in the Hudson Valley New York region we are happy to help you in person!

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