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Color Can Transform a Room

Color can be intimidating, for some choosing a color can be a daunting task; should I just pick a beige or white and forget about it?

I know the feeling, you are looking for someone to validate your color choices, but the person at the paint store cannot do it for you. Why? Because they are not in your home, looking at your fixed elements, your décor and the lighting in the spaces. This is why you need to have a color consult done in your house with a professional.

Design Solutions KGP is here to the rescue. Having a color consultation will result in:

  • Colors that coordinate with your current décor, fixed finishes, and accentuate architectural details within a room
  • A color palette of three or four colors that will create a cohesive feeling and flow throughout, versus each room feeling like its own “pod” as one client described to me
  • Understanding the WHY certain colors are right, and WHY some colors are not the correct choices
  • Receive complementary chips that will allow you to evaluate the colors in different light conditions

Whether you just moved in, have lived in your house for years, or are ready to move; narrowing down a color palette that unifies the spaces throughout your house can make a big difference. We work with Benjamin Moore paints that achieve the look you expect.

We are Certified True Colour Experts™ and have the tools to show you which colors will work for you and why.
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