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The Real Estate Market, COVID19, Does Virtual Staging Work?

By April 13, 2020No Comments
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The real estate market has changed with the onset of Covid19, as have many markets.  With homeowners quarantined to their homes, they are only able to view a house via online tours. It makes it difficult to hunt for a house let alone get the real feel of a house.

At least today’s technology allows a potential buyer to view real estate virtually. Whereby twenty years ago it would have been a lot more difficult for that to happen. Although they can see a home virtually, the question Design Solutions KGP has received recently is can the home be virtually staged only?

Real Estate is the market for selling properties that serve the buyer’s needs. In homes, it has to create an emotional attraction too. This is where professional home staging is so important. Professional home staging allows the buyer to not only see the building, but it also creates a lifestyle that a buyer can imagine having if they purchase that property.

Virtually Staging a Property

A virtually staged property may look great as a listing on the MLS. Unfortunately though, when it comes time to show the property, a buyer would be looking at empty rooms. Not too exciting for anyone wanting to make an offer. A home that is actually staged with furniture not only looks wonderful on the MLS, but it will also look great when an agent is showing it online with their phone.

Real estate is a big purchase for most, and buyers want to make a purchase with confidence. Seeing a virtually staged home and then seeing vacant rooms when it is being shown, confuses most buyers. Having the rooms set up as a family would live in a house helps buyers envision living in that property as their next home.

Market Conditions

Before COVID19 the real estate market trend was strong. Tight inventory, great interest rates and tightened qualifying regulations for getting a loan maintained a strong market. With these items still in place, once we are able to move into our daily routines a little, things will change. The real estate market will pick up again.

Professional Staging or Not?

When the market does pick up, the presentation will still be just as important as it was before. Sellers would only be wise to make sure that their house is staged to appeal to the widest range of buyers. By preparing a house for the market now, a seller will have an edge over others when market conditions change. Here at Design Solutions KGP, we offer virtual staging consultations to all sellers.

We know changes will come from COVID19 to many markets, including the real estate market.  Preparing a home prior to listing will be even more relevant. Buyers will expect more from the house they are considering in the future. Professionally staging a home will help preserve the equity in the home because it will convey value to a buyer.

If you are unsure what needs to be done prior to listing your property reach out to us and schedule a consultation. It will provide you clear, actionable steps to ensure you stand out in the real estate market.

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