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What Are The Advantages of Staging

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What are the advantages of staging when you are ready to sell? Staging will give you an advantage in the market.

But wait, you are a homeowner, creating memories, putting your special touches in rooms, making them feel like “home.” Why would “staging” help you? The focus needs to be how you market your home to gain the biggest return on your largest investment, your house.

Before staging and after staging. The advantage of staging creates a bigger impressiong

Staging is essential in today’s real estate market to optimize marketing your house. 95% of buyers look online for their house, they are looking for a house that they can aspire to live in. I have to be honest here, they are not looking for a house that looks like yours, and they want a house that will look like theirs. How to achieve that look can be difficult, but can be realized with the help of a Professional Stager.

If you are able to plan out your move a few years away, call in a Professional Stager NOW. They review your house with you, giving you a wealth of ideas to prepare your house for the market, but the advantage of doing it now is that you have time to enjoy the investments yourself. It also will help you reduce the overwhelming feeling that can occur when you wait until the actual day you want to move.

If you need to move right away, or in the near future, calling a Professional Stager is a MUST, because they will direct you to how to optimize your home for the quickest sale. After a consult, you should have a prioritized list of what needs to be address and the order it should be completed to assist your sale to go as smoothly as possible.

The advantage of staging

Actually staging is vital in today’s market. It is vital because online is where buyers first start looking for a house. If the house is not prepared to look appealing, a buyer will hop on to the next listing.

It can be difficult to remove yourself and look objectively at your home, but you need to. Keep in mind your goal is to sell your house, not live their indefinitely. The prized collections and cute things that make it your ‘home’ may not be the same for a buyer. Be objective. The small investment of 1 to 3% in staging your home will give you a bigger return of 4 to 7%.

Marketing a house is about location, price, product, and promotion.  As a seller, you can take control of the product to make sure it stands out above all other houses in the market.  By maximizing what you have in your home to enhance the property will generate more showings.

Basic marketing principles: More showings, a higher chance of getting a quick offer. What a winning combination!

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