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Color predictions for 2020

Color Predictions for 2020 are relating back to nature. When in a space, color is about the way you feel in that space. There are color influences everywhere. Those influences are personal as well as global. The direction in decorating is more about creating a space that is inspiring and aids in emotional wellbeing.

Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams released their color for 2020 as Naval SW6244. A deep navy that is ‘approachable and awe-inspiring’ says Sherwin Williams. Navy as I see it, is a classic neutral color. Think of your favorite pair of blue jeans, you can wear with anything.

Naval is a deep celestial- sky blue that warms a room giving it a tranquil restful feeling. Richer and more saturated colors are becoming more popular with homeowners when decorating their homes.


Behr chose Back to Nature S340-4 a meadow inspired green. The direction in choosing this color is to bring the soothing feeling of the outdoors into interior spaces. It is a revitalizing green that brings balance to a room working well with other colors in a space. Behrs 2020 color trend palette is inspired by natural elements of earth, water, and plant life. This soft yellow-green is reflective in all flora. It brings the outdoors in and also is a nice neutral to balance other colors with.


PPG paints chose Chinese Porcelain PPG1160-6 that is a “blend of cobalt and moody ink blue”. Again, the selection here was choosing a color that will bring us closer to the natural elements, to create serenity in our spaces. Consumers are tired of the stark grays, they are ready to infuse color that is neutral, warm and inviting.

Color predictions are developed by international color professional throughout the world that are members of CMG-Color Marketing Group. These professionals meet and decide what colors will enhance manufactured goods based on the environment, social issues and changing political climates. They culminate their findings each year to develop a palette that reflects events in the way people are living. The goal is to better identify design trends with color. Manufactures then take this direction to develop pallets that will reflect the findings and influence consumers.

Pantone, Benjamin Moore, and other color industry leaders will release their color predictions sometime this fall as to what they believe will be the new direction. From the direction of the three other companies and the conclusions drawn from the CMG, it will most likely be on-trend as with the other three companies. A color that will bring us back in the direction of nature. Inspiring us to take time to relax and enjoy what nature has to offer.

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