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Color- How to Choose

By September 13, 2012 4 Comments
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Color is a very personal choice, and for some it can very difficult to choose. So how do you begin to choose a color for a room? First off don’t just call in a painter, and don’t just hope a color you pick will be perfect right of the bat.



I always suggest by starting with an inspiration board or “drawer”, items that inspire you to start the decorating process.
inspirationg items Here is one I did online with the pictures of items. Another way is to find things that you love; it can be a vase, packaging colors (yes think cereal boxes…), piece of jewelry, a flower, a color of shoes or a flower- use your imagination. Collect these treasures that you are partial to in one area and you will see a repeating pattern of color from the assortment of objects.


Next I go to fabrics, I love fabrics. There are so many colors, patterns and “feelings” that can be translated from one to the next.  Many fabrics will have this seasons colors that are popular, so I love searching the array of colors in fabrics. Sometimes this is the “inspiration” alone, the jumping off point that stimulates the design of the room. If the fabric has a bold print I suggest using the lightest color as the predominate one in the room, maybe some of the brighter ones can be used in accessories and accent pieces.


I always tell a client that painting the walls is the last piece of the puzzle when designing a room because all major paint brands have an endless array of
rich bluescolors.
How to put that array of color to work to create the perfect room does take some time, and if you are not sure hire someone like me to help!


Spending the time to get the elements together might seem complicated at first but the time will be worth the results!


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