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What is Biophilic Decor

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biophilic design

What is Biophilic decor? It is a concept that connects people with nature in their spaces. It is a Greek term that means the love of living things. Consider tangible natural features such as light, air, plants, water, fire and animals. How these are incorporated into our living spaces assist in improving our well-being, reduce stress, expedite healing and create a haven for living.

How do you create a Biophilic home?

The goal is to connect the living environment more closely toward an enhanced life and better productivity.

One aspect and easy way to incorporate the environment into your home is with light. Open window shades and allow the light to shine in from your windows. Season affective disorder (SAD) is due to lack of light. Studies realize the importance that light on our moods and well-being.

Light has also been found to enhance learning in children by 20-26%. Light promotes more activity. Not only natural light is important but well-lit spaces that provide brightness throughout the day. Mimicking the natural pattern of the sun is important.

The importance of Air

Air quality is something we are all aware of. When we inquire about the weather you get an air quality index.  Since people spend the majority of time indoor, air quality indoors is very important also.

The temperature and humidity felt in the air are also important factors. If we are comfortable we tend to be more productive and positive. Depending on where you live, being able to open a window can lift your spirits. Fresh air tends to allow you to have a better perspective on things.

Add some beautiful Plants

biophilic design incorporates plants, brining natural elements indoors

Incorporating vegetation to interior and exterior of spaces has a direct relationship with nature. We all know that plants allow the carbon dioxide to be removed from our indoor living spaces. Plants can even filter harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde that is used in many building materials. Choosing the right plants will depend on many factors. Light, time you can commit to maintenance, and space.

Possibly you have a small home and do not have a lot of time to dedicate to plants. Consider a tabletop terrarium of air plants. Possibly a mini green wall of moss. Start small and add as you feel like you are gaining more of a green thumb. Consider easy-care plants whether you are a beginner or expert.


Aside from the tangible natural items to add Biophilic design to our rooms, consider color. Color can boost your mood and enhance a room. Consider coastal colors in soft greens, sky blues and sand. These can recharge your mood and space by creating calm and optimism. Earth tones in browns and soft taupe’s can create warmth, relaxation and coziness in a space. Creating a space with soft pastels in all shades can make a room feel fun and allow the imagination run wild. Add green into a room and appreciate the quieting spaciousness effect it can have in the room.

As you can imagine color has a huge impact on our well-being and can make a huge impact on the way we feel and live within our homes.

If you are ready to create a haven in your home consider incorporating some Biophilic design elements. All have proven to create well-being, reduce stress and allow us to appreciate the rooms we live in. Bringing the outdoors in is the cool thing to do now!

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