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Luxury Bathrooms To Relax and Distress In

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Luxury bathrooms, who doesn’t love a long soak in a deep tub? The luxury bath we envision has the deep soaking tub, shower stall with a ton of jets, two sinks so no one invades our space while we are getting ready in the morning, right? All the amenities that can be imagined would be our dream bath. In reality, most baths have the basics that we use to get what we need to get done and get out.

luxury bathroom

Improve your existing bathroom

So how do you improve this room to feel a little more spa-like and less utilitarian? For homes where I know clients are moving out and on, we concentrate on the simple accessories to convey the relaxing feel of a spa. Consider the qualities of a fluffy white bathrobe and towels,  warm and cozy to wrap up in. High-end products- or at least the bottles are, that are on display in the shower and at the sink. The way the essentials are stored, all of these little details can convert a bath into one that “feels” more luxurious even though no major renovations have been done.

Consider Renovating

If you are not selling but dwelling, maybe are ready to renovate. Bathrooms can be a major undertaking but the results can be worth the efforts. In a study done, a bath renovation can run anywhere from $3000 to over $30,000 depending on what your desires are. The materials and features, how old your home is and where you live all factor into the renovation costs. Is a renovation worth the cost? Based on a study from you can expect about 85% return on your investment. Having a bathroom that is updated definitely conveys well with buyers. If your bath is older than 10 years you may want to consider this. The newness and spaciousness translate into resale dollars.

Steps in Renovating a room

So if you are ready to jump into a renovation do your homework. Begin by finding the look that you desire by searching design magazines, and online sites. Get a solid idea of what features you must have. Those that would be nice but not a deal breaker, and find alternatives that may achieve what you love but can help save money. If you are not a DYI type of person find a contractor that will work with you to help achieve your goals. Even if you are a DIY person, some aspects of your renovation might be best to contract out to achieve the luxury bathroom of your dreams.

The bath allows you to escape from everything. Whether renovation or updating make it a spa retreat you can enjoy.

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