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Two Key Rooms That Sell A House

By November 9, 2018January 22nd, 20233 Comments

What are the two key rooms that sell a house?  One is the kitchen and the other is the bathroom(s). states although in some markets the inventory is tight there are solid price increases. With this trend it is even more important to make sure your home speaks to buyers. So what key rooms should you concentrate on to help sell your home?

One key room that sells a house is the kitchen. Did you know that this one room makes up 30% of a buyers decision to buy or walk away? That is a lot of power for one room in a house! If you do not have a new or updated kitchen don’t fret because there are inexpensive things that you can do to help you sell.

kitchen sells a house

Two key rooms that sell

Simple updates to a kitchen

First look at the appliances are they all working? Have they been updated in the last 5 years and are they all the same finish? If you answered yes to all those questions you are in pretty good shape.

Buyers still believe stainless is the way to go. Although other finishes are gaining popularity. Smart technology is a feature that consumers are attracted to know. Consider your market first before changing anything. If your market does not bear that price point, all black or white appliances are fine. The mismatched look does not convey well with buyers.

Next, look at your cabinets. Make sure the doors are aligned, the insides cleaned and straightened out, and clean the surface inside and out. Dirty rooms do not sell a house. If you cannot clean the cabinets of built-up grime, try painting them with a fresh coat of high-quality latex enamel paint.

Next look at your hardware, is it even in style anymore? If not change it out. Updating hardware can give a kitchen a facelift! This small detail can really make a huge difference in the appearance of a room. 


The bathroom is the next key room that sells a home. It does not have to be recently renovated but it does need to be spotless.  A fresh coat of paint, keeping personal toiletry items away, clearing counter space, and hanging new fresh towels can go a long way. Giving it a fresh feeling is important when selling.

professional staged master bathroom

Lighting fixtures

Both in the kitchen and baths, pay attention to your lighting fixtures. Lighting has changed in style over the years. If your lights are original to the house you most likely will need to update them. Switching to more efficient LED lighting is a smart move whether you are selling or staying in place. Look online, or at design magazines to see what is popular now. Spending under $200 to change them out will make a huge impression on the buyer. Small investments such as paint, updated hardware, and lighting can have an enormous impact.  

The kitchen and bathroom(s) weigh a lot in the decision-making process. Why? Think of remodeling costs, the average kitchen remodel in 2013 was $56,199 to $110,792* and allowing the seller to recoup an average of 57% of that. A bathroom remodel can range from $16,603 to $51,737 whereby sellers recoup 53%.

dollar sign

If you are thinking of selling in the near future there are small improvements you can make that can have a big impact. A professional stager is an excellent resource to utilize. If you are thinking you will be in your home for a few more years, there is no better time than now to renovate because you get to enjoy the fruits of the labor and money invested! Have any questions… let me know!

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