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Organizing a Kitchen Part 1

By February 6, 2014July 16th, 20182 Comments

Organizing a kitchen can be a challenge. The kitchen can tend to be one room that becomes the collection spot of everyone’s “stuff.” If it is organized it will make using the room more pleasurable.

How do you control all of the mess, and keep things in order and organized in one of the busiest rooms in your home? Your kitchen?

If your kitchen counters are anything like mine they are the dropping ground for everything, and I mean everything! My husbands’ tools, my daughters’ dog leashes, my sons’ latest computer part project and it goes on. In order to have peace of mind, I start with the inner parts of the kitchen and then work out. Huh? I make sure that my cabinets and drawers are in order and without a lot of extra stuff to keep my piece of mind.

If you are limited on space you have to get smart to get organized. Going upward always can give you more space to store things. For your dishes, keep the items that you use the most on the bottom shelves and stack like things up. Those items you use less keep higher up so they are not using up key valuable space. If you feel things will topple think of getting some cabinet organizers that will add additional shelving that you might need.extra shelves


Another way to get organized in your cabinets is keeping like things together. Keep the essentials together for the task at hand. Like all baking items next to the oven, while all cooking items over near the cooktop. It may seem simple, but believe me, when actually baking or cooking having everything in the vicinity of the task you are doing makes working in the kitchen enjoyable.

pot rack


While sorting through kitchen cabinets really be honest with yourself and ask: when was the last time I used this? If your answer was over a year ago, consider giving it away. If it is something you use for holiday entertaining then it definitely can go to the top and back of a cabinet. You may even be able to store attic next to that particular holiday decorations that you only pull out for that celebration.

Once you get your drawers, cabinets organized, sorted and in order, next you have to deal with food storage. Food storage in  the pantry and refrigerator needs to be organized too. As I say to many clients, if you have to store your food on the floor of your pantry you have to either start eating up faster, buying less or give some of it to a food pantry, SERIOUSLY!… and this will be for my next blog, ideas for food storage.

Organizing Your Kitchen and Food Part 2

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