Being Organized Do I Have to Be OCD?

Being Organized Do I Have to Be OCD?

Being organized does not mean that you have to be OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), really! It does help that when you are trying to get organized, spend some time in one room setting up a system that you can maintain on a regular basis. Once you have organized that room you will feel calmer and probably like entering the room. Where do you start?cluttered room

I will suggest to my clients to start in one room that they feel always seems like chaos to them. It could be an office, toy room, kitchen, a closet or simply the entrance way into your home.

Once you identify the one room to start with, identify what is driving you crazy about that room. Is it that you have no storage space, no place to put items, it is the catch all for everyone’s else’s stuff, or too much in one room that is taking up valuable time when you need to find something? Once you identify the problem it becomes easier to address how to correct it.

If you feel that you are lacking storage space, can you build shelves to create more storage space? Using shelving helps sort and store a lot, but they need to stay organized otherwise they just lend to the clutter. Do you have a closet that might be underutilized? By adding an additional shelf or another rod might solve your problem.

Baskets are a favorite of mine to store items in. For one you can put similar items in one and label it for easy identification. They can be decorative or you can get practical plastic tubs to store items. I love that manufactures are now even coloring totes for holiday items, Halloween items etc. Makes it even easier to identify what is stored in that tote.

Everyone’s items that end up in one area, get everyone to pitch in and help. At the end of the day before everyone heads to bed they have to go through the house and pick up all the items, and put away in the proper place. Of course having those spaces organized help them by having a place to put everything away.

Being Organized does not mean being OCD, but having systems in place that can help keep the chaos at bay.

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