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Organizing, Are You a Piler or a Filer?

By February 19, 2014October 5th, 2018No Comments

Are you a piler or a filer when it comes to organizing? What is a piler or filer??!!??

A Piler– you know, the kind of person that has papers piled high up. You think you know where everything because you have multiple piles of them.piler of paper

Or a Filer – as soon as you get a piece a paper it goes into a file. Either to deal with at a later time or once you are finished with it.


Getting through the piles

Is one better than the other? Not necessarily. It depends on what works best for you and your peace of mind on a daily basis. I find that the best way to get control of the mess that can accumulate is to set up a system. Keep to that system, this will allow me to find what I need when I need it.

I admit I have piles. Right now there are piles of mail, piles of newspapers to use in the wood stove and piles of bills to be paid. I also have the files of current invoices, files of current and past clients, files that contain design work and color consults. So either way, you choose it, it needs to work for you.

How do you start?

Take a look at those piles and files and what is in them. Sort through everything; yes that means look at every piece of paper in that pile or file.

Create three piles

  1. A keeper that does not need to be addressed every day, but you go back to every so often and keep “like things” together.
  2. Address now, those items that need your attention within a relatively short period, like within the month of time.
  3. The garbage those items that you have hung onto and really have no purpose anymore. These could be receipts from a year ago that have no need for business i.e. the sandwich you might have bought but cannot deduct. Or that instruction manual to the leaf blower that broke a year ago that you threw out, you get what I am saying here. Stay present.

OK, so now that you reduced one of the piles it is time to decide what to do with the “Keepers” and the “Address now.” Decide if they have to go into a file and be labeled, or made into a pile. Be careful with those piles though you don’t want them to get too high that you never get to the bottom of them.

Once you set up a system you will find that you feel like your daily routine starting to feel a little saner. Remember everything that surrounds you exerts an influence on your life. You do not want those things around you turning the energy that you do have, into negative energy. Start small- one area of a room at a time. Set a goal to finish; let’s say your kitchen by the end of the month, and then move to the next room.  As my mother use to say “inch by inch life is a cinch, yard by yard life is hard.”

Keep in tune with your progress!



Karen GP

Author Karen GP

Karen GrayPlaisted is the principle owner of Design Solutions KGP. She is a graduate from Pace University and The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. Her marketing background and design sense are a perfect combination for home sellers. In the first year she began her staging business, she won the ‘Rising Star’ accolade from RESA, selected from all North American stagers, USA and Canada. In 2016 she won top Occupied Stager in the USA. Karen’s ability to educate and empower clients using simple solutions allows homeowners to transform their spaces with desirable affordable decadence.

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