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Organizing and Decluttering a Closet

By February 14, 2014December 30th, 20214 Comments

Organizing and declutter a closet, what a project this always is! Getting into your closets and removing all the things that are cluttering and taking up space; then organizing them, it can be consuming. Think of it this way. Organizing your closet and de-clutter the mess will help you conserve time later. You will be able to find things much easier and know what you have. For every downside, there is an upside!

 organized and decluttering a closet

So where do you begin? Follow these simple steps and you will be on your way to easing the clutter and chaos in your closet.

First, open the closet doors and take a look at the contents. Is the closet overstuffed with little room to store things? That’s the first sign that it is time to organize and declutter.

Start with taking everything out one item at a time. When doing so create piles.

  • One pile to discard (let’s hope this becomes the biggest)
  • Another pile of items you use, want to keep and know you will continue to use
  • And last a pile of not really sure (we will deal with later)

Addressing the piles to organize

Discard Pile

The one to discard is easy. If the items are in good enough condition donate them to Good Will, your local place of worship, or look into local charities. Keep a list when you donate because these items might be able to be used as a tax deduction for you.  If you are motivated, and the item is in good condition consider selling on online. Otherwise, if the item is not usable, discard it.  No matter what is in that pile it must be removed otherwise those items might tend to creep back into your organized closet. Understand that these items served a purpose at one time but no longer do.

Keep Pile

The next pile is what you will organize so that you can find things in a closet.

First, group like things, for instance, if you are working in a clothes closet group together all shirts, pants, shoes etc.  If you are working with clothing not only grouping like items is helpful, but also by color.

When placing items back in your closet make sure that the “go to” items are easily accessible. If you reach into the closet those items are what you know you use every day are front and center. Other items that you do not use as frequently, put toward the outer corners or up high. Your goal is to organize and declutter your closet to save you time and reduce your frustration. You want to have room for the most frequently used items. Those items should have easy access.

Deal With Later

The last pile, the one you are not really sure of.

Evaluate the items. Look at the condition and see if you can possibly sell any of those items locally or online.

Ask yourself some key questions as to why you are keeping these items.

  • Is because of sentimental reasons?
  • The hope they might fit someday?
  • If you are working with clothing you may like the item but does it coordinate with anything else?

This is the pile that will probably take longer to sort. But it is important to organize these items to decide if they are worth keeping or letting go.

Organizing and decluttering a closet is not a quick task. It does take time, but the time invested will allow you to gain time in other areas of your life. The three pile sort works for all different closets and pantries. Consider investing in wooden hangers and baskets to make your newly decluttered and organized closet one your love to look at.

Once you see the result in one closet you will be motivated to move to others! Let me know how you make out with it!

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