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Paint Color, The Backdrop Of A Great Room

By April 25, 2017August 25th, 2021No Comments
paint colors can make a difference

Paint color has such an impact in a room. As the backdrop, it allows the setting of a room to flow. If the color is not right, the room does not look right. Color does make a room harmonious and beautiful.

For some, it can be difficult to choose, for others they just pick a color because they are frustrated and just make a choice because there are so many available. How do you narrow it down to make the color work?

Finding the right color

It can be hard to find the right color. But when you do find it the room looks fantastic. Think of images that you love on Pinterest, or pictures you drool over on Instagram. Those rooms resonate with you because the color is done correctly. It is balanced well and makes you feel something, whether relaxed, excited or falling in love with the way it is presented. The color is probably working well in that space.

soft blue color in a bedroom

To start, look at the fixed elements in a room. Those are the things that you cannot change. Think flooring, cabinets, tile, and counters. Each and every one of those has color in it. Those items will not change in your design unless you are starting from scratch or redesigning a room. Fixed elements will dictate what colors will work well in the space. Mixing too many of these elements can make a room not feel cohesive. You need to pick one main element and coordinate the color with it throughout the room. Due to fixed elements being expensive and difficult to change, serious consideration in the choices needs to be made.

For instance, you chose travertine flooring. Identify the color family first.  On the walls, the color needs to complement those fixed features that are not changing. Your whites should be on the warmer scale also to complement the browns. The reason neutral colors work so well in spaces is that it allows the elements of the room stand out, not the color. Every neutral has an undertone and can coordinate with your finishes. It can be difficult to see these subtle colors but once identified, the room will come together and feel harmonious. The accent colors that you pick up and use can vary in saturation that will give the mood to the room that you are trying to achieve.


The next factor that impacts color greatly is light. Not only the amount of natural light that comes into a room effects colors so do the electrict lights. Every type of light bulb emits a different hue. With LED’s and their wide range of colors is just one example. Different bulb cast different light and will effect how a color looks in a room.

When to Choose Paint

This typically is the first thing everyone wants to do when they are ready to decorate or change a room around. Where in fact it should be the last element chosen in a room. As you see above the flooring, furnishings, lighting effect which color. So when considering re-painting a room, make sure you have chosen your flooring, cabinets, counters, stone for your fireplace, new lighting fixtures all before you worry about paint. Also it is important to note that you will have limited choices in the above metioned. Colors, there are over 5000 or more to chose from. With that large quanity you are sure to find the perfect one.

Choosing color can be challenging for some. That’s when I suggest having someone come in and assist you. They will be able to narrow the array of colors and directing you in finding the perfect shade for your space.

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