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Update Rooms with Color for 2019

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Updating rooms with color can refresh a space completely, but where do you start?  Color has an impact on us, it can’t necessarily be felt but color can change the way we feel. Visual clues define a space and create a mood in the room. Each season paint companies develop pallets that work with home fashions and textiles to create a mood, update a room and bring freshness to the spaces we live in.

Updating with color

You may say, the wallpaper hung in 2001 is great, it might be…but it may also be outdated.

Think of it this way. Have you purchased new clothing or changed your hairstyle in the past five years? Updating a room can be looked at as a gift to yourself by refreshing the old.  Bringing new light and life in your space. Updating outdated decor, and changing the color in a room can create a positive feeling.

Manufactures picks for rooms with color

Every year major paint companies select various colors to create palettes that reflect trends of the times. They can range from bold to neutral depending on the influences they see in the world.  For example, Sherwin Williams chose Cavern Clay as their choice for 2019. They state that it embodies renewal, simplicity and free-spirited, bohemian flair. Influences around us create color trends.

Benjamin Moore picked a calm cool color for 2019 Metropolitan AF-690 a cool color with gray undertones.

room color

The combination of neutrals such as light grey to something darker like charcoal, browns like mocha and cinnamon, creams and whites are all updated combinations for rooms. Updating your rooms colors will brighten up the spaces. The balance between the neutral and pops of colors are important to create the character you are looking for.

 Define the ambiance and colors needed to create and update your room!

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