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2020 Decorating Trends What Are They?

By November 20, 2019April 13th, 2020No Comments
bring the outdoors in 2020 trend

The 2020 decorating trends have a repeating foundation connecting to nature. A lot of texture and natural elements in décor will be prevalent in the coming year. Keep in mind trends are not about changing your style, but they offer you inspiration and insight as to changes in decorating. Some you may like; some you may say “what?” but it’s fun to know what will be trending going forward.

2020 Trends

Texture Trends

In 2020 texture will be a predominant trend that continues from past years. Texture in textiles are popular, look for velvet and chunky blankets. Baskets in straw and various natural materials will lend visual interest in a room. Natural fiber rugs, such as sisal, seagrass, hemp; wool rugs with boucle weaves will add to the texture throughout a room. Natural wood – think of the “live edge tables” that have been trending for some time will continue in popularity. Wood beams will be a desirable feature in homes. Natural stone will continue to be widespread.

A popular new accessory, Juju hats made with beautiful feathers, light and fluffy, conveying a bit of softness can create an attractive textural piece of art. The beauty and color of the feathers are what lends interest to these pieces.

back to nature and natural elements will be a big trend for 2020

Organic natural pieces from nature can be incorporated as an update to décor.  Consider a piece of sandblasted grapevine, manzanita branch or driftwood added to a display to add a bit of texture and nature. Horns, antlers, and seashells, for instance, will be seen as a simple addition to a room to endow a more organic textural feel.

Furniture with inlays of brass, iron and other metal, or faux crocodile pattern will translate texture in furniture. Also, case goods that are not necessarily in perfect condition but showing off a bit of history and life will add interest in a room adding an updated feeling. Consider a beautiful wood antique piece that displays the life and durability the piece has withstood over the years.

texture will be a big trend for 2020 in furniture

Pattern and Shape Trends

Patterns in fabric and wallpaper will also relate to nature such as wood-grain-like patterns. Large scale botanical designs like tropical leaves, large florals or nature-inspired wallpapers will be a modern update to rooms.  Fabrics will mimic the same feeling along with lots of natural texture. Caning will be popular and rattan-wrapped furniture.

pattern trends

Fur will continue to be popular, and other natural fibers. Curved chairs and curved designed sofas and tables will continue in popularity. Geometric shapes in millwork highlighting an artisan like detailing in the furniture will also be seen.  However, the versatility of furniture pieces will continue to trend as well as the practical functionality of spaces for everyone living together.

Patterns: bold tile backsplashes continue as a hot trend in kitchens. Encaustic tiles in their boldness will remain popular, as well as, geometric designs. Cabinetry is more streamlined, smooth flush cabinets and little to be seen hardware like finger pulls are popular.

Biophilic Trend- Bring Outdoors Indoors

The trend of biophilic design continues in architecture to connect us to the outdoors. While we spend most of our time indoors, bringing décor items like green walls, lots of light, and real plants will be incorporated more in decorating. The trend to bring the outdoors in is something that we enjoy. It gives the interior spaces we live and work in a sense of serenity. Having live plants indoors also improves the air quality along with studies showing they improve focus and increase immunity. For spaces only with four walls and no windows consider botanical wallpaper that will create the feeling of bringing the outdoors in.

Trend for 2020 light and plants
Large windows and plants help bring the outdoors indoors

Color Trend

Color trends for 2020 again lean towards nature. Along with green and blues, and a dark rich navy is still a very popular color. Younger homeowners are embracing brighter and bolder paint colors. While Gen X and Baby boomers are still fond of neutrals. Gray will slowly subside to more of a greige that will bridge the gap toward the direction of beige. Additionally, Terracotta will be featured in floors, pottery, wall color, and fabrics.

To update the all-white kitchens that have been popular for years, newer design trends will lean toward a darker color island or darker lower cabinetry.  Black will become the new trend in kitchens. High-end major appliance manufacturers will continue introducing their new products in black and black stainless steel. Black interiors in refrigerators will be seen so that the colors of the food “pop” when you open the doors. The cabinetry as mentioned before will be smooth front cabinets, some with a high gloss finish. However, consider the style of the house before you jump into renovating your kitchen to these new trends. Keep in mind nature is big in décor, considering a wood cabinet if you want to move away from white would probably be a choice that will endure the test of time.

Trend for 2020 kitchens

2020 trends in decorating are features that relate to the way people are living. The direction is peaceful beautiful spaces, warmer feeling, and a more economical sense in decor. Going greener and incorporating green products throughout homes and buildings will become a consistent trend. 

 Stepping into a new year—and a new decade—gives us the opportunity to look ahead and plan for what’s next for 2020. Along with these trends, interviewed us and a few other decorators. Here we went into more detail. Click on Home Design Trends 2020 for more details.

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