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White | Always Fresh and Clean

By November 16, 2017January 8th, 2021No Comments
white bedroom with fireplace

In 2016 white was picked as the “color of the year” by paint companies. Simply White was Benjamin Moore’s pick, and Alabaster was Sherwin Williams pick. Moving forward a white room is still the popular pick for many.  White is fresh, inviting, and clean feeling which people love.

White kitchen cabinets are renovators’ number one choice. Subway tiles used in kitchens and bathrooms are still extremely popular.  Subway tiles laid in classic white laid in various patterns for backsplashes and bathrooms continue to trend on Pinterest and Instagram.

The question still lies though, can a white room be a hard color for the average homeowner to carry off well in a decorated room?

Simply white painted kitchen cabinets

Not all whites are the same.

The key to white is to choose a white that goes with other elements in the room. Some whites are warm, others have a cooler undertone. This is why all whites are not the same. Whites have various undertones, some whites that are cleaner and cooler look great with grays.  Whites that are warmer will look beautiful with some greige tones that are bridging gray and the now popular beige. Because there are so many undertones in whites, it is important to make sure you understand the subtle differences. There is not one white that can work in every space. Using white to complement either neutral is exquisite, but choosing the right undertone is key. This is where if you do not see the differences it is wise to have a color consultation with a professional.

Alabaster white room done with various tones

When using white as the main color on the walls, consider bringing in lots of texture. Texture can be from your accessories; think pillows, throws, baskets, and rugs, keeping the palette neutral with a monochromatic feel makes for a stunning room. White is also beautiful with pops of bold color. Using colors from a rug, fabric, or painting and repeating throughout the room ties everything together. Using one of those bright colors in a softer tone can create a nice flow between rooms without having everything feel too stark and white.

White and light are an attraction that many buyers appreciate. Studies have proven that light rooms help fight depression and anxiety. A lighter room also has proven to increase productivity. White creates a feeling of spaciousness, but can be considered cold; that is why it is important to add texture to a room to give it a cozier feeling.

white room with fireplace

Not big on the white wall idea; consider using white accessories. A darker room with a pop of white accessories is striking. Using these to balance the darkness in a room is a refreshing contrast. Again you can use these to add texture also to a room which gives it interest.

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