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Hub of the House | The Kitchen

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“No matter where I serve my guest it seems they like my kitchen best” I will always remember this saying as it was on a napkin holder that my mother had on the kitchen table. This continues to be reign true today, the kitchen has become the focus of homes. For buyers this is one room that weighs heavily on their decision to purchase a home over another. Today the kitchen is a room that many marvel over, not only for function but also beauty due to design, state of the art appliances, and function.

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You may be reading this because you are thinking its time to improve or update your kitchen to become one of your favorite rooms in your house. Kitchen renovations can run anywhere from $4000 to $80,000 and up depending on the components that you are considering within the kitchen and the area you live in. If you feel that the function, storage space and size of the kitchen is exactly what you need, an update might be simply reface cabinets and add a new countertop, whereby other kitchens might need to be completely gutted and redone. Renovations done on a kitchen generally recoup an average of 80 to 85% return. While cabinetry is the biggest expense of a renovation, appliances and labor the next, the key is to set your budget prior to starting a renovation.

The beauty of today’s kitchen is that it is the hub of the house. We share meals with our families, entertain our friends and have them partake in the preparations of the festivities. It is a room that everyone comes together and enjoys each others company in.

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What is the trend in kitchens going into the future? I am seeing more sleek designs where by everything is integrated into the kitchen. The refrigerator, dishwasher are blended in with the cabinetry  panels. Cook tops and sinks can be concealed with movable sliding counter tops to give more prep space. The kitchen becomes a room with decorative cabinetry vs. appliances making the statement. The look can be considered the new “state of the art” style.modern kitchen


Because of the investment in a new kitchen though, you will continue to see traditional cabinetry, stone type counter tops, and appliances in kitchens. But no matter the look, the kitchen will continue to be one of the rooms that is the favorite hub for family and friends.

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