Staging, Why Bother, Who Needs It?

Staging, Why Bother, Who Needs It?

The other day, a good friend that is a RE Agent, asked me to stop by her open house. The house had great charm, obviously recently redone siding, great curb appeal and the photo’s on line looked pretty good. She was excited by my comments and asked me to take a tour.

The décor expressed the sellers taste. The kitchen had a sunken and cracked floor, but the seller was willing to throw in an architectural plan to fix it. The colors throughout were bold. The pet beds looked neat and clean as did the giant lizard cage in the upstairs bedroom.


Who needs staging? A homeowner that is putting their house on the market and is not aware of any problems that might cause a buyer to walk away. Some Realtors do not feel comfortable to tell their sellers there are issues that need to be addressed. An Agent likes to keep their clients happy and not rock the boat – so to say. To address anything that might cause an upset is something best to be avoided. No one likes conflict, and there should not be any when selling a home. So how is a seller suppose to know all the concerns that might lose a potential buyer?  Hire a professional Stager, make them your partner.


A professional Stager will evaluate the your house keeping in mind not necessarily how the seller believes their house should look and be marketed, but what buyers want, are looking for, and love. Many RE agents operate in the belief that it is too costly to suggest staging, but in reality it will cost less than the first mark down the seller will need in order to keep interest in their home. Why take a chance to lose a potential sale ever? Every buyer that walks through a home should feel that they could live there. That is why you need to bother to have your listing staged.

 First Impressions, are Lasting Impressions

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