ColorRedesign and Decorating Ideas
March 3, 2013

Green- Inspirational Rooms

March and spring remind me of fresh green. I thought after writing about red for February I would highlight green, only to be fair. As you may or may not know, Pantone known as the market leader and authority on color, has chosen Emerald green as the color for 2013. So you say what does that mean? Most likely you…
Helpful SolutionsStaging Solutions
August 19, 2012

Target Your Market-Get Your House Sold!

Target your market and you can get your house sold. If you have ever been involved in selling something for a business, purchased an item from a store, or watched TV and seen commercials, these companies target market by implementing the 4P's of marketing Price, Place, Product, and Promotion to sell that item. The for P's of marketing help ensure that the…
Helpful Solutions
July 10, 2012

Your House SOLD! Now WHAT? Time To Organize

Your house sold, now what? First, let us say CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Now it's time to get organized.  First Things First Now that your house sold begin notifying people of your move. Go to your local Post Office pick up a change of address kit. This will help you to inform everyone where you are headed. Don't forget to notify banks,  credit card and…
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