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7 People You Need On Your Team to Sell Quickly

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Staging helps sell quickly

When you are ready to sell you want to sell quickly. Sell quickly and for top dollar, ideally. In an ideal world, a bidding war of course will ensure you to receive more than your asking price. Before any of this can happen it is important to have a team to help you accomplish your goals.

Quick and Stress-Free Experience

Sounds ideal right? Making sure you have a talented team of professionals on your side can make all the difference. Here are seven key people that will help you sell quickly and assist you every step of the way.

1. Home Stager

Staging is one of the most important parts of the selling process. Contrary to what many think, staging goes beyond the decluttering and cleaning. It is the packaging of the house. Staging is the balance between the science of marketing and the art of decorating. Staging creates a lifestyle that buyers want to experience in their next house. Research has proven that 83% of buyers agents say staging a home allows for a buyer to visualize the property as their future home.

During a professional staging consultation, your house is evaluated. The goal is to create a desirable product that is matched for the market. A professional home stager is key in helping you transform your space to appeal to the largest number of buyers. The investment made in professional staging allows properties to sell quickly and for top dollar.

2. Real Estate Agent

The job of a listing agent is to guide you through the entire selling process. It can be complex, and they are knowledgeable of the in’s and out’s and how to take care of the details. How do you choose a real estate agent? Do your research and read reviews.

Make sure they work with a professional home stager. They should have a professional photographer that they use. They should provide you with comparables within your market so that you price your house properly. Understand how and where they will be marketing your home to ensure the best exposure.

3. Home Inspector

Most buyers will have your house inspected once they make an offer. Hiring a home inspector to do a pre-listing inspection is a proactive approach to selling. Here you will find out the exact condition of your property and be able to address any issues or repairs beforehand.

Many buyers will use their home inspection as a way of obtaining allowances and asking for a price drop. If you have already addressed everything it is less likely to impact your negotiations and allow the process to go smoother and sell quickly.

4. Painter

Painting rooms is money in your pocket. After reviewing your house with a home stager they may suggest to paint a room. Hiring a painter will make your rooms look fresh. If the rooms are painted in a neutral bright color they will be appealing to buyers.

A fresh, bright home appeals to buyers. If your house stands out in the market it will sell quickly.

painting can improve the appeal of a room to sell quickly

5. Handy Man

It’s the little details that can matter a lot to buyers. Before listing your home make sure you have addressed any repairs that are necessary. If you can do those yourself then by all means do so. Sometimes though it is faster and less expensive to hire someone that knows how to do those little jobs correctly and faster.

6. Professional Cleaner

After all, the repairs are done, and before the professional home stager comes, professionally clean your house. As some clients have told me, it was a “treat” to have a professional cleaner take care of all the details! A sparkling clean house is one that buyers fall in love with. A professional cleaner will use high-quality products and equipment to deep clean your entire house. Even those spots you did not know even existed!

7. Real Estate Photographer

Your photos are your marketing. A staged, clean house will stand out because your photographs will resonate with buyers. More buyers today tour homes online. Buyers will see a beautifully presented home and be inclined to inquire about it. Keep in mind, the more you do ahead, will all you to sell quickly. The better your house is represented online the faster it will sell.

If you have a lot of land also consider an aerial shot. These give a buyer a better perspective of what your property is like.

Selling a house can be stressful. Having the right people on your team will make the process go smoother for you. These seven professionals on your team are invaluable during the selling process. They will help you sell quickly and for top dollar.

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