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Buyers and The HGTV Affect

By October 31, 2019No Comments
buyers love staged homes

HGTV has affected the way buyers expect real estate to appear. Buyers want a home to have stylish décor and feel new. That is great, but it can be bad also. If the homes, buyers view, are not immaculately decorated, usually the bids are too low or there are no bids. Buyers’ expectations, although may seem idealistic, are not difficult to achieve. Considering the HGTV home look, doing a few tweaks and having the property professionally staged, the transformations will make the house stand out when it is put on the market.

Dwelling vs. Selling

Every homeowner likes to make their house feel like their home. Some homeowners are avid HGTV watchers and incorporate some of what they see. But when it is time to sell, that look may not be what buyers desire. If a home has not been updated with current furnishings, trending colors or has too personal of a style, the home most likely will not excite a buyer. Having an objective eye when selling is first and foremost. Buyers expect homes to be ‘magazine perfect’.

When you are ready to move on from your existing home, studies show that this is not the time to do major rehab. I have found that major renovations do not benefit the homeowner just before they sell unless the house has been neglected over several years of living there. Although HGTV and other real estate shows provide costs for renovations, many of them do not include labor costs. Not all renovations produce a return on the investment. Buyers when considering repairs that may need to do, they will typically estimate three times the actual cost and offer a price that is reflective.

What’s A Seller To Do?

It is a buyers’ market currently, whereby the buyers expect the presentation of the home should be what they see on TV and in magazines. Buyers expect a home to be well decorated, clean, in top condition and painted in neutral colors that accentuate the existing architectural details that enhance the home. If the home is not presenting well that is why staging is so important. Staging a home is the fastest way to improve a home prior to sale.  Realize that if a buyer is not seeing what they expect they will low bid or not make an offer.

buyers love updated kitchens

Buyers Wants

Buyers today want energy-efficient and low maintenance homes. The buyer expects the kitchens to be updated and the baths to look as though they were recently updated in this century. They like open-concept homes and enjoy features such as fireplaces, outdoor living spaces, and dedicated workspaces. Don’t fret if your home does not have all these features. If the property is in good shape ensuring the décor is current many buyers can be swayed to preview the home then make a judgement if they are willing to do updates. This is why staging is important prior to listing.

Staging Benefits

Staging is an excellent way to package (decorate) a product (property) before it goes on the market. Whether you are still living in your home or you have moved out, having your home present well will protect the equity in your home. Staging also helps bring in stronger offers as well as allowing the property to typically sell in a shorter period.

Aside from that, the costs incurred with staging are the only costs that you will receive a return on the investment through the process of selling. Think about that, you will not receive a return on the processing fees, recording fees, appraisal, insurances and more. Staging will give you a return on the investment made. Money invested in staging could be tax-deductible because it is part of the marketing of the property.

Before listing, stage your property first. It is the best insurance that your home will meet buyers’ expectations and gain you a strong offer and speedy sale

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