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NAR Staging Survey Reveals Buyers Expect A Listing To Be Staged

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Buying a house is more than a financial decision; it is an emotional decision ” says NAR President John Smaby. “Buyers aren’t just making an investment in a property, they are purchasing a place to call home; to raise their children; to begin a new chapter; or to retire to a new season of life. While every REALTOR® doesn’t use staging in every situation, the potential value it brings is clear…”

Staging adds value

A house is one of your biggest investments. Staging will add value to your listing. When it is time to sell you want to ensure that you are protecting your equity. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) keeps a close eye on whether staging impacts the sale of a home. In their 2019 Profile of Home Staging Report, they indeed found that staging does increase the asking price of a home. 17% of those surveyed stated that staging increased their value of there home between 6 to 10%.

Staging makes it easier to visualize a home

The NAR survey also found that 83% of buyers said it was easier to view and visualize a property. Staging helped them feel at home. The survey also revealed that that close to 40% more buyers were willing to tour the property that was staged. The more buyers you have reviewing your home, the higher chance you will have an offer sooner.

The NAR survey also revealed though, that not all Realtors will offer staging (72%) or tell their sellers how staging can impact their marketing. This is unfortunate, understanding the impact staging has on the offer and time listed on the market is putting a seller at a disadvantage.

Staging a home helps buyers fall in love with a property. It helps with the marketing of the home, allows buyers to see the potential a home has which typically relates to a strong offer and fast sell. Staging is money well invested.

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