Impressionable Color for Selling

Impressionable Color for Selling

There have been numerous studies on color and how a color can affect your mood. I have found this fascinating because when I go into a house to do a consult when people are ready to move, it humors me how defensive they can be about the colors in their rooms. When selling, your goal should be to appeal to the broadest range of buyers. So knowing color can relate to people’s emotions, why not go with colors that do not elicit a negative mood, but a positive impression so that they fall in love with your house?

We hear neutral colors are great when selling, but rarely know why. A neutral color does not just have to be white or beige, they can have green, blue, yellow, gray etc. undertones. A neutral color typically is one that does not necessarily elicit a reaction of feeling. So how do you create a house that is neutral but not boring, one you can live in but is easily transferable when you are ready to sell? That’s asking a lot out of a color!

When a client is willing to take the advice that painting is one of the biggest bangs for the investment when selling, we choose colors that will complement the furnishings but also convey to the entire house. Choosing colors can be a challenge but by choosing the right ones they should convey a feeling of warmth and the room should stand on its own, not the color. An example is this bathroom. Although the color initially worked with the room, by selecting one a little different made the room appear larger and cleaner- ooh ahh what buyers love!

bath before and after

Certain colors convey different emotions too. Colors that should be painted over before selling are orange, reds and deep purples. These are high energy colors that are very subjective to many people. If I have a client that absolutely LOVES their purple I suggest possibly consider going a lot lighter on walls and keep the accents in the room. So there are ways to work around bolder colors without changing everything in your house.

Keep in mind when selecting colors that unless you are planning on dwelling only, and not selling you can choose an array, but if selling keep to a few colors in rooms per floor, using a neutral color such as a soft gray or beige to connect the rooms to one another. The only mood you want to elicit when selling is inviting and tranquility, the mood of “this is the home I have to have.”

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