Key Improvements that will Reap a Profit

Key Improvements that will Reap a Profit

Selling can be a little bit of a Catch 22; what do you do? Spend some money to change and improve, possibly gain a bigger interest in your house, or don’t improve saving money and possibly loose some interest in your house or even having to list for lower price when it is on the market. The key is to ensure elements that matter to buyers are represented in your house when selling. Invest your money in updates that will resonate with buyers and help you stand out above the competition. A Professional Home Stager will help you understand what those investments are that have an impact.

Over the next month I will be discussing improvements for those that are thinking of selling their home or even those that are still dwelling in their home but know in two or so years they will be listing. Some of the key areas I will discuss will be Curb Appeal, Kitchen updates that can range from inexpensive to expensive all giving the seller that wow factor, Bathroom updates, and other area of the house that will allow the buyer to fall in love with your house once it goes on the market.

Let’s start with Curb Appeal Impact:

The very first impression that is made on a buyer is when they are approaching the property. They are already forming an opinion of the property. Investments made here will add value to your property. Landscaping does make a first impression and can make a positive impression if you take the time to attend to details.

Start by trimming bushes back so the light pours into the house through the windows, this will also enable buyers to see the architecture of the house. Adding color with flowers and plantings bring attention toward the house, removing weeds, adding mulch and having a mowed green lawn all impress buyers. If it is fall consider adding plants that hold up in the colder weather, and make sure all debris on the lawn such as leaves and twigs are picked up. The house siding should be in good shape, no peeling paint, or damaged boards; if needed paint or power wash and repair depending on the type of siding your house has. Take a close look at your doors, consider a fresh coat of paint to create a welcoming feel. Ensure the hardware is in good shape and the lighting is ample near door ways. Don’t forget to look up and all around, spiders know which doors you use and which ones you don’t!


Look at your roof, is it in good shape or do you have unsightly dark marks and streaks on your asphalt shingled roof? That is algae that can be removed and should be removed if you are going to be selling. You can do this by yourself or hire a professional to do so. Make sure your gutters are in good repair and clean. It’s a good time to have your chimney cleaned and inspected also because it is something that will be looked at when an inspection takes place, so be ahead of the game.

It is always a good idea to remove the screens from windows, wash windows and store screens if possible, because it will allow more light to filter through your clean windows. Buyers like light, bright homes and if you have sparkling clean windows let the sun pour through.

Ok that’s just the beginning, but keep in mind that curb appeal is the first look buyers have of your home. By doing a little maintenance on the outside, will help set a great first impression for the inside.

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