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biophilic design
ColorRedesign and Decorating Ideas
June 21, 2021

What is Biophilic Decor

What is Biophilic decor? It is a concept that connects people with nature in their spaces. It is a Greek term that means the love of living things. Consider tangible natural features such as light, air, plants, water, fire and animals. How these are incorporated into our living spaces assist in improving our well-being, reduce stress, expedite healing and create…
2020 RESA Home Staging Award
Helpful SolutionsStaging Solutions
August 12, 2020

Real Estate Staging Awards

Design Solutions KGP Real Estate Stager Is a Finalist in the Home Staging Industry Awards The Real Estate Staging Association® (RESA®) is pleased to announce that Karen Gray Plaisted with Design Solutions KGP, Warwick NY has been voted as one of the Top Ten Finalists in the United States for their Occupied Home Staging. The Real Estate Staging Association® (RESA®)…
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