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2019 Design Trends Making Life Simplier

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2019 design trend

2019 design trends for homes will continue to consider the lifestyle of those living there. The focus is more on a comfortable lifestyle which is what everyone wants in their home. The industrial minimalistic look will slowly fade. Although there will be continued clean lines, rooms will begin to appear softer and warmer.

Room lifestyle

Room lifestyle trend is about a style that makes you happy and content. You have heard of Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) it’s a conscious way to live. Slow down enjoy the moment, enjoy a home-cooked meal with family and friends. The goal is to make each day extraordinary. Welsh Cwtch (rhymes with butch) lifestyle is one that gives you that magical feeling of safety and familiarity. There are not necessarily specific products, colors or furniture that are defined as such with these two design trends, it is more about creating an atmosphere within your rooms that is comforting. Using a combination of furnishings to create a lifestyle that is comfortable for you and those around you.

Less is more, still reigns true in room design. The minimalistic design trend will have pieces that mean something, possibly have multiple functions and contribute to your lifestyle creating a cozy feeling in a room. Beautifully made one-of-a-kind handmade pieces will be the highlight in a room. Stunning textured natural elements will break up the industrial look, creating an ambiance of relaxation and well-being.

Furniture will have clean lines but include a softer element. The mid-century trend will continue tipping toward Art Deco style. The curved couch will be an element that will be incorporated in a lifestyle living room, covered in a luxurious velvet.

Natural and eco-friendly materials will be important in decorating. The use of plants, preferably real but artificial can work also, and will continue to never go out of style, becoming a classic design trend. Still, purifying the air we breathe along with bringing appeal and splendor into a space. Green wall installations are popping up in many buildings. Not only creating a huge impression of being aesthetically pleasing, but beneficial for the environment.

Sherwin Williams 2019 Design Forcast

Color Trends

Color trends in neutral colors will be warmer. Tans and khakis to mix with existing grays and whites. The beige trend will become prevalent. The use of beige going forward will be less gold but more greige and warmer undertones.

Floors will be lighter, hardwood in a light tone. Others are considering white floors to be the new direction.

If neutrals are not your style on the opposite end there will be bold rich jewel tone colors. Emerald green is emerging strong, almost as a neutral in rooms. Bolder wallpaper in big floral and large patterns will be making a statement on accent walls or throughout a small bathroom.

Styled down bohemian will be seen on the opposite scale of the clean mid-century modern. With unflinching colors, patterns and more opulent furnishings.

Kitchens and other trends

The white kitchen design trend continues to be popular, although the white will be softer with a warmer tone. Dark stained cherry cabinets will be considered passé with two tone cabinets of white and deep blue, gray and black kitchens. Natural butcher block counters or darker counters in the all-white kitchen will be seen. Natural wood cabinets, foiled face cabinets in wood grain will become popular. Again cleaner lines, with the appliances streamlined into the design.

The smart home trend is taking hold, including security systems, heating systems, and appliances in homes. Peoples busy lifestyles are changing in their homes aiming to become more simplified. Design trend in 2019 is to create a life in a home as comfortable, tranquil, relaxing, and with purpose. The goal is to enjoy time spent with family, friends and yourself.

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